All you need to know about tabletop radios

Almost all of us are passionate about music and trendy gadgets to enjoy every bit of it. A portable Tabletop radio is one of today’s most favorite gadgets for music lovers. No doubt, the radio is a vintage invention, but in accordance with the time radio also appeared in trendy up to date avatars like Tabletop Radio. Like now ‘wireless’ and the best tabletop radios currently available with upgraded functions, including Wi-fi, Bluetooth and voice command.

So, let’s check out the best tabletop radios with its features available on the market, and the things you have to take care of at the time of buying. You can read some crunch reviews to get an idea as they are big on radios. However, in this article, We’ve also aimed to summarize the types, specifications, and features of radios available and make it according to match to your needs and fit your budget.

Key features to look for:

  1. Alarms:

Really, if you want to buy a radio with the ability to wake you up in the morning, then buying a model radio with good alarm options is essential. You can set date and time and also your favorite alarm tone in accordance with your priority with multiple independent alarm system.

  1. Bluetooth and NFC:

These are very important features if you want to go wireless by streaming music from your mobile or tabloid. Radios with Bluetooth and NFC or near field communication will easily enable you to sync with your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to play any audio whenever you like. Sometimes these radios can also have an aux input for a wired streaming connection.

  1. Dock:

Some radios have a dock system to connect with your smartphone or MP3 player easily and recharge the device at the same time.

  1. Touchscreen:

Instead of using traditional knobs or buttons, buy trendy radios with touchscreen features. But sometimes like for use in the time of washing up or knuckle-deep in the dough at the kitchen, one cannot handle this.

  1. Snooze button:

If you are buying a radio with a bedroom alarm clock, then it is recommended to look for one with a prominent snooze button.

  1. Remote Control:

You can also choose to have a remote-controlled radio system so that you don’t have to get up and adjust the volume or switch stations every time. You should look for one with prominent, well-labeled buttons for better usage. Sometimes radio brands have a specific free app that you can download to turn your smartphone into a remote-controlled one.

  1. DAB+:

You can observe most of the models are compatible with DAB, which is a major up-gradation to DAB offering improved sound quality and a greater number of radio stations. DAB+ is widely used in countries of Europe for amazing potential with sound. So, DAB+ support means you’ll be able to use your radio abroad.

  1. USB:

Having a USB port is a handy addition to digital radio, as it will help you to plug in with other devices, like a phone or tablet, at the same time the radio can charge your devices.

  1. Recording function:

Recording function of radios are not very common, but some radios actually allow you to record your favorite show.

Some main kinds of radios widely bought:

  1. DAB radios
  2. Internet radios
  3. Battery-powered radios
  4. Personal radios


There are many unique types of radios with special features read reviews like this article and choose the right one to meet best your needs. Each one has different features pros and cons. Among all DAB radios are the most popular type of digital radio and approximately 33% of the population, nearly 31 million people say that they regularly tune in to DAB broadcasts.

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