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Ranking high in search results is the goal of every online marketer because it is the only way to stay at the top of the SEO game. Despite the ever-changing SEO landscape, this aspect has not changed even though newer techniques of gaining higher visibility and drawing all attention are now available. Keywords are still essential for SEO, but depending on keywords alone are no more effective in earning top ranks. As Google has become smarter with time, the widespread use of AI to provide better user experience has made search engines turn their focus more on user intent behind the searcher terms. According to an SEO expert NYC, Google is trying to read the mind of searchers to understand better what caused them to initiate a search to understand the intent behind it. It will help Google to present the most appropriate content in the search results.

Organic traffic is still the mainstay of SEO. Even with Google going on an overdrive to pay more attention to searcher intent, it is now becoming much more challenging to drive your website to the higher ranks of search results algorithmically. Although the situation is bad, there is no reason to give up hope for numerous sites that feel hapless while trying to dig deep into searcher intent only to be left dazed. All that you need to do is to change the way you look at SEO that should give direction about taking some non-conventional route to circumvent the roadblock by reducing the dependence on search algorithms only.

Gaining organic exposure through search engines is at the center of Search Engine Optimization, but the problem is that we have a mindset to apply it in the context of websites only. There is no stipulation that your website is the only asset that you can use to gain visibility. There are some other ways too that can help to increase the visibility of your online entity by leveraging the ranking authority of other websites that pass on referral traffic to your NYC website.

Toying with too many competitive keywords

Sometimes it happens that you might try to rank your website for highly competitive keywords, although the site is low on authority or does not have any authority at all. However, it makes good sense to pursue these keywords because its competitiveness indicates that these are quite valuable. Then what should you do? Here is the answer.

Come forward to sponsor content

A typical example is the case of an online seller who sells a particular type of cannabis named decarboxylates for medicinal use.  There are considerable challenges in selling the product mainly because users are ignorant about what decarboxylation means.  It becomes clear that ranking for the keyword ‘what is the meaning of decarboxylation’ is critical to paving the way for conversion. But the keyword is under the strong grasp of powerful and authoritative websites in the niche.  Trying to build content around the keyword and excelling in it to improve ranking may take years for the business, which does not help.

A better way would be that the seller approaches the authoritative websites with a proposal for sponsoring one of their posts. In the process, the seller would pay that website a fee for tagging content with a CTA and link it back to his website. In the process, the visibility of the site of the cannabis seller increases manifold.

Take to guest posting

Publishing your content on other powerful websites provides huge SEO mileage through increased visibility. Moreover, your NYC website acquires ranking power for competitive keywords almost instantly. Guest posting is an effective way of improving visibility.

Usurp brand alternative keywords

Competing against a large brand for SEO visibility is like the battle between David and Goliath.  Here is a tactic that can help the David’s to upstage the Goliaths.

Spot store closures to take its advantage

It often happens that some renowned brands that have millions of followers suddenly face business closure for whatever reason. When it happens, the fans of the brand will look for replacements or alternatives so that they can continue buying the same product from them. This is an opportunity for a relatively small and unknown brand to come to the forefront by finding a place in the searches that would add considerable value to their business. They can do two things – try to rank a page of their website as a replacement for the known brand or get listed on the authority website.  Going for the second option of listing on an authority website is a better choice because to earn the trust of users as a replacement of a reputed brand can be very challenging.

How to rank for the ‘best’ keywords is the goal

When someone is using keywords preceded by the adjective ‘best’ like best NYC cafes, the intention is clear that the searcher does not want to visit a café website.  Roundup articles from media sources crowd the SERPs as these are better in satisfying searcher intent. But there are ways to reap the benefits of ‘best’ keywords by using the following tactics.

Reach out to searchers looking for ‘best’ keywords

Coffee shop owners would find it almost impossible to rank for keywords like ‘best coffee shops in Miami’ as the odds are stacked against them unless they are highly-reputed. Instead of taking the SERP route for visibility, they should try to feature their business in press outlets for articles in the ‘best of Miami’ category.  Find existing articles and persuade for inclusion by offering incentives like discounts, free meals, etc. in exchange.

There are several other tactics of making your brand stay in the limelight without relying on SERPs. But it is crucial to have the right mindset and the willingness to tread a different path. One of the ways of succeeding in SEO is to do things differently, but to apply the tactics discussed in this article; you must be ready to do different things by looking beyond SERPs.

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