7 Key Benefits Of Maintaining Your Weight

7 Key Benefits Of Maintaining Your Weight

7 Key Benefits Of Maintaining Your Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can have a profound effect on your life, both inside and out. Being either overweight or underweight can result in a variety of illnesses and other conditions that can affect you from the inside out. London Weight Management page provides a few key benefits of maintaining your weight. These benefits will help to motivate you to maintain your weight and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. You’ll look and feel better.

If you’re overweight, you’ll likely feel self-conscious about your appearance and be less inclined to participate in social activities. You’ll also be more susceptible to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll look and feel better. You’ll have more energy and be more motivated to participate in activities with friends and family.

  1. You’ll lower your risk of developing chronic diseases.

Maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Since these diseases are among the leading causes of death in developed countries like the United States, taking steps to prevent them is vital for prolonging your life.

  1. You’ll save money on clothing and medical bills…

If you weigh less than average, you’ll likely spend more money on clothing that fits your body type. You may also have to pay more for medical treatments if you develop a chronic disease. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll save money on both clothing and medical bills.

  1. You’ll sleep better at night.

If you’re overweight, you’re more likely to have trouble sleeping at night. You may also find that you’re less inclined to sleep soundly through the night if you’re underweight. If you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll enjoy more restful nights of sleep.

  1. It’s easier to exercise regularly.

If you weigh more than average, it can be difficult to exercise. You’ll have to adjust your workout routine so you don’t injure yourself, and you may be in pain the following day if you try to perform strenuous exercises. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy weight, it’s easier for you to exercise regularly.

  1. You’ll have more energy throughout the day.

If you weigh more than average, you’ll likely feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. This is due to the fact that carrying around extra weight takes a toll on your body. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll have more energy throughout the day. You’ll be able to perform tasks with ease and have more stamina for activities like running or hiking.

  1. You’ll feel more confident in your own skin.

If you’re overweight, you may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in your own skin. This is due to the fact that society often equates being overweight with being lazy or undisciplined. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy weight, you’ll feel more confident in your own skin. You’ll know that you’re taking steps to be healthy and will likely have a positive body image.

Maintaining your weight is key to living a long, healthy life. By following the seven tips listed above, you’ll be on your way to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight for years to come.

7 Reasons to Start Attending Gym

Working out is good for you – this is a widely established fact. Sedentary lifestyles are common in the modern world, but we all know that we should move our bodies more. The benefits of training, or even doing light exercise, are extensive and affect many different areas of life. Even with recent gym closures during the Covid-19 pandemic, experts stress that returning to the gym (with proper social distancing) is not only safe but beneficial. From improving longevity and overall health to helping combat stress and improving sleep, a regular training session can work wonders. So, grab your leggings and your sports shoes – our article gives you 7 great reasons to join the gym today! 

Gym equipment

1. Your Body Will Feel Great

Although muscle pain is common when people first start training, increased exercise over an extended period of time will generally make your body feel amazing. Few things are worse for your body than sitting hunched over at a desk or computer all day, but that’s how many of us spend our time. Cardio or bodyweight exercises loosen the body up and can help work out the kinks caused by sitting in unnatural postures for long periods. Meanwhile, the benefits of weight training will help you build muscle and gain strength. After a few weeks of consistent exercise, regular gym goers report less stiffness and fewer body aches overall. 

2. Boost Your Mental State

Gym goers not only report an uptick in physical health, they generally record a positive effect on their mental health too. Exercise boosts endorphins (the brain feel-good hormone) and even light exercise can lift your mood. The mental health benefits of weight training and fitness don’t stop there, however. Additionally, regular gym goers report higher levels of focus and concentration at work and greater feelings of accomplishment and self-discipline. Working out can also promote better sleep and is a great way to work off stress. 

Women doing the workout

3. Waist Training for Weight Loss

One of the benefits of waist training – like ab and core exercises – is that it builds muscle in your torso. This increased body strength can give you a greater range of motion all around and help reduce visceral fat – the “bad” fat which builds up around internal organs. If weight loss is your primary goal, it might be worth hiring a personal trainer. The benefits of personal training are easier to match with weight loss goals as a personal trainer will have the knowledge to build a personalized diet and exercise regimen around you. 

4. Build Muscle 

The benefits of strength training are widely accepted among health professionals. Muscle mass increases metabolic rate, meaning your body burns a bigger amount of fat, and reduces inflammation in the body. The benefits of resistance training are also supported by its aesthetic appeal. Influencers and fitness models do not build their athletic physiques through cardio alone. Sculpted bodies are built through lifting heavy and progressive overload. Women should not avoid weight training – it is a common myth that lifting weights will make women bulky. Here are some of the health benefits of weight training for females: 

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health. Although cardio is often seen as the holy grail for heart health, strength training should not be overlooked. Lifting weights improves lung capacity and overall fitness. It can also lower blood pressure.
  • Supports Bone Density. Women, in particular, can be prone to brittle bones, especially later in life as they approach menopause. Lifting weights not only builds muscle mass but increases bone density and helps stabilize the joints. This can ward off common ailments like arthritis or osteoporosis. 
  • Helps Body Burn Fat. Women are more prone to storing fat than men. Women, therefore, will especially feel the benefits of training to get lean muscle mass as this will help regulate their fat storage. Instead of clinging to every bit of fat, your body will burn more to support your muscles. 
Woman doing exercise

5. Boosts Immunity 

Want to take fewer sick days? Hit the gym more! Alongside a good diet, one of the major benefits of training is its positive effect on the immune system. In one study, people who worked out for 30-40 minutes several times a week reported far fewer incidents of illness in one year than their sedentary peers. This is down to the fact that exercise stimulates the immune system and moves the lymphatic system, helping you fight off diseases quickly. 

6. Improves Confidence

As well as improving body image, regular gym training can boost self-esteem in other ways too. Working out is an accomplishment and involves learning new skills. This can help you feel more confident in day to day life and can make you feel bolder when it comes to trying new things. Regular exercise can also improve body composition and help you look leaner and more toned. Working out in front of others also builds body image confidence. It forces you out of your comfort zone and teaches you to focus on your workout instead of what others think of you. 

7. Social Benefits of Training at the Gym 

So, what are the benefits of training at the gym as opposed to doing home workouts? As well as access to personal trainers, classes, and fitness experts, training at the gym gives you a social element in your workouts. Gyms can become places to meet new people and discover supportive communities to encourage you on your fitness journey. You can develop new skills by trying a kickboxing class or discovering the benefits of kettlebell training in a weight class. Seeing others train and perform at a high level can also provide motivation and give you workout goals to aim for and emulate.

Remember, the benefits of training and joining a gym far outweigh the hassle of extra effort. Making health and fitness a priority is sometimes a tough choice to make but it’s well worth the commitment. So, take your health in your hands today and join a gym near you!

What motivates you to hit the gym and improve your health? Why do you prefer the gym to home workouts? Do you go to the gym alone or with friends? Share your health and fitness journey in the comments!