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aXXo Movies Proxy Mirror Sites- Unblock aXXo Movies 2018

is aXXoMovies blocked? Are you looking for aXXo Movies Proxy/Mirrors and alternatives? you came to the right place. aXXo Movies is one of the popular movie sharing sites through torrents database till date. The site is popularly known to upload premium and best quality movies up on release. Axxo, the famous uploader, the man behind aXXo Movies was once worked for popular torrent sites such as Kick-Ass torrents. As far as the content is concerned, they stick to only movies. That means you can expect almost any movie with good quality on this site. Thousands of torrents lovers visit this site on a regular basis to download free movies from this site.

aXXo Movies Proxy Mirror Sites- Unblock aXXo Movies 2018

The Home page brings itself all the options required for you to find your next movie. It includes 12 main categories. It also includes a guide to download the movie from aXXo Movies. The site is now operating from their official websites: and

However, due to huge popularity, it has quickly caught the attention of many ISPs across the world. And as a result, they have blocked aXXo Movies in many countries. So, If you are a true fan of aXXo Movies frustrated by why aXXo Movies is not working for you, below I have provided a list of tricks that will help you to access aXXo Movies.

If you aren’t able to access aXXo Movies from your internet connection then probably your ISP has blocked access to it. In such a case, you can use the tools I have listed below to unblock aXXo Movies. Let’s confirm whether it is working or not?

is aXXo Movies Down Right Now?

aXXo Movies main web site is currently parked. And not working. The status was also not known. Probably it may not work in future as well. As you can see in the picture below. In this case, we may not able to access it via its main domain

However, don’t lose hope because there are still some alternative ways that you can use to unblock aXXo Movies for you. Below I have provided various tools if you want to use.

How to Unblock aXXo Movies

If the main site or is blocked by your ISP/Government/School, then simply follow the steps below to unblock aXXo Movies.

TOR Browser

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend your personal information against ISPs/Government that threatens personal freedom and privacy. It acts as an anonymous browser to help you unblock websites without revealing your identity.

Web Proxy

Proxy sites are the first and basic step to access any blocked site. Proxy sites will hide your IP and access the internet. So, the GEO restricted or IP restricted services can be easily unblocked. Here’s a list of 100+ free Proxy sites that you can use.

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via VPN

VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network that creates a safe and encrypted connection over the internet. The VPN will help you to unblock websites, Apps, services and other geo-restricted services easily. So, This can also be used to unblock aXXo Movies in our case. But, as the actual aXXo Movies was shut down, we need to have a couple of aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror sites. I have provided a list of 20 working aXXoMovies Proxy sites below.

The List of aXXo Movies Proxy/Mirror Sites

aXXo Movies Proxy/Mirror sites are the replica of the main site These proxy sites contain the same movies, design, and updates as the original site, just on a different domain. These sites are hosted in countries where aXXoMovies is not blocked yet. So, whenever you are not able to access axxo movies, you make use of these sites below.

aXXo Movies Proxy /Mirror Sites

Website URL
aXXo Movies US Proxy
aXXo Movies Alternatives
Unblock aXXo Movies
Access aXXo Movies
aXXo Movies Proxy -1
aXXo Movies Proxy -2
aXXo Movies Proxy -3
aXXo Movies Proxy -4

Use of aXXo Movies or Similar sites is illegal in some countries and may be liable to fine. Your ISP will keep spying on your torrents activity at any time. So, I suggest you use a VPN while browsing aXXo Movie Proxy/Mirror sites.

Over to you

That’s all it guys. I am concluding this article on how to unblock aXXo Movies with the help of aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

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