The art of creating a great essay: writing secrets

All students know what it takes to write a paper as they face this challenge every day and sometimes even a few times a day. With a variety of subjects, an essay can be assigned not only in Literature but in Psychology, Sociology, History and even Math, that is why the most popular search request in Google is tips on writing an essay. Due to the large number of papers requested to write, students don`t really care about the quality and creativity – the main goal is to complete the assignment in the shortest timeframe. But what if you tried to put some more effort into writing an essay?

Getting skills in essay writing

Many students who have poor writing skills, huge workload or just have no time for completing all the assignments use college homework helper as it takes this unpleasant task off their hands. However, the skill of writing is very useful and not only in college but also at work and in your everyday life. Learning how to start an essay, filling it with great content and providing a powerful summary can one day become your advantage and pride. So how can you come up with a perfect essay?

  1.   Get the question. What exactly is said in the assignment? What is your professor expecting to see? Think about the essay topic, the research you need to do, the length, structure, relation to the lectures, etc. The better you understand the question, the more valuable your essay will be;
  2.       Choose the topic. If you are not assigned something specific, it`s time to apply your creativity. Think of the themes that will best fit for this essay and then narrow down your list to the ones you like more. Ask for a teacher`s assistance if necessary or get some help in assignment writing;
  3.       Look for credible sources. Your paper should be based on credibility and right supporting arguments, so you have to research the sources that can provide you with this information. It may be academic journals, textbooks, articles, educational websites, books, etc;
  4.       Get an outline. This will be your plan of the future essay, the properly structured thoughts. First, write all of them down, and then divide into paragraphs not to miss an idea, leave spaces in case you do miss it. Now you are ready to write;
  5.       Write. First, you should create a thesis that will describe your purpose to the reader and which needs to be proved in conclusion. Then go introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion. Try to devote every idea to one paragraph not to mix everything up;
  6.       Proofread. Reviewing the final essay is a must. You can move slowly from the draft to an essay and then to the proofreading stage to make sure you didn`t miss anything and didn`t leave any mistakes or typos. It will make your essay more acceptable academically and look more professional;
  7.   Don`t fake it. Your professor is definitely smart and will understand if you write about the topic having no idea about the content and just aiming to make it longer. So try to make a shorter but more valuable essay and demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and work with arguments.

The key secret of a well-written essay is your interest in the result. If you concentrate on the topic and put more effort than usual, you will have a great paper that will get an excellent grade.

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