The Best Digital Education Tools for College Students

Being a student in the 21st century and not enjoying the perks of using digital education tools sounds a bit rudimental. Indeed, it is extremely unwise to refuse to make one’s college life easier and much more pleasant by simply learning how to use a couple of digital education tools. Regardless of what people might think about them, it should be acknowledged that there are more advantages rather than disadvantages to going digital in terms of education. This article will tell you about the best digital education tools for college students that you might want to use in your college life.


When it comes to education through the digital means, it goes without saying that Edmodo must be one of the first tools on your list. This is an educational platform that connects disciples and teachers and works on the basis of a social network. This is the place where teachers and students can create educational materials, post-edit, and share them, while helping each other grow by leaving memorable and constructive feedback on one’s academic performance. If you want to get to know about some more platforms where students can cooperate with each other, you should definitely read this article.


Sure, it might sound too obvious but this incredible and world-wide famous platform can become a good place for you to boost your academic skills pack. This is one of the best platforms for establishing a fruitful communication between students and teachers, etc. TED-Ed is, as well, an organization that holds hundreds of splendid events all around the world on the annual basis, asking the very best speakers deliver their short lectures on the topics that are considered to be the defining ones in regards to how the world of the future is going to look like.


Whenever it comes to reading or writing, you should know that Storybird might become of the greatest help to you. This tool uses storytelling as the primary strategy for developing the students’ writing skills which are extremely important for every college student. However, those who find it too tiresome to learn how to write proper texts tend to use online professional writing services due to a number of reasons, as some of them are cheap and some are like safe. Those who are interested in becoming good students have to become good writers in the first place. Thus, using Storybird is an essential step in the advancement of each and every student.


It should be acknowledged that PadLet is one of the most refined mixed media sources for college students to really enjoy working on. Each and every student who signs up for PadLet becomes eligible to contribute images, videos, comments or any other piece of digital information that he or she considers to be somehow relevant to a particular topic. If you fancy learning more about how splendid the cooperative platforms for the students might be, here is a read that you should definitely enjoy.


Every time it comes to talking about education with the help of videos, it goes without saying that the first service that shall come to one’s mind must be YouTube. However, YouTube does not offer you the set of features that Playposit does. With Playposit, you can create interactive educational videos and share them with your friends. Playposit is there for you to transform even the passive content into the most engaging study material.


One of the biggest problems that college students face today is the price of educational materials that they have to buy in order to accomplish the courses. The cK-12 online platform has been created for the sake of making it lighter on the students’ pockets by diminishing the cost of academic texts. This is a co-sharing website where students share the already purchased academic materials so the others can use them almost free-of-charge.

Wrap Up

Being a student in the 21st century is, at the same time, extremely hard and relatively easy. The number of digital resources that the modern students have at their exposal is simply incredible and it might seem at the first sight that a computer can do everything that a student might need. Yes, digital education tools have become a great help to the students and they might eventually deprive them of the need to deal with a great host of minor problems. However, there is no digital tool in the world that would force a student to learn. Remember, the main digital tool that you have is your brain, so use it to the full extent and do not be ashamed to get some help on your side.

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