The Best Sports for Health and Fitness

The Best Sports for Health and Fitness

A common New Year’s resolution is to become fitter and health-conscious. This is a great goal to strive for, though many people are unsure how to get started. While the gym may be the first choice for many, sports also provide another way to get fit and have fun all at the same time. Which sports are the best for overall health? Here are some great options to consider.


A good team sport can do wonders to keep you motivated and help you enjoy the time you spend working out. One of the best team sports to play when you are looking for an exhaustive workout is basketball. It combines relentless cardio while you run up and down the court, agility and quick motions needed to change direction, and lots of jumping. If you were asked to do different drills that cover each of these aspects, you would realize how demanding it is but in the middle of a game it is much more fun.

Basketball is a strenuous workout that keeps the pace up the entire time. When you look at an athlete like LeBron James, it’s clear why he is in such good shape. He is continuously moving and supporting all positions on the court. Even at 36 years old, his contributions to the Lakers ensure that they stay on top of the basketball betting market. While the sport has been criticized for being hard on your knees, it certainly keeps you in shape regardless of age. This is a great all-around fitness activity that covers a lot of bases.


The benefits of cycling cannot be overstated. There are few sports in the world that give you such a fantastic workout. If you keep up a steady pace while cycling, it can be tremendously good for the heart like all cardiovascular exercise, though it is much easier on the joints than an equivalent like jogging. You are also continuously working your balance and coordination while building your leg muscles.

Outside of these details, there are some other exceptionally good benefits to consider. Instead of being stuck in a conventional gym, you are outside getting fresh air and enjoying a sunny day. Studies have shown that most people nowadays are unfortunately low on Vitamin D to some degree due to our lives becoming increasingly focused indoors. The sun is vital to our physical and mental well-being, just make sure to wear sunscreen to avoid overexposure. Cycling is one of the best sports out there for overall fitness and should be considered by everyone.


While everyone may be looking to get healthy, not everyone is interested in an exhaustive workout that challenges the body. For those people, swimming is a great sport to pick up. Swimming is much easier on your back and joints than both running and cycling, while still providing enough resistance to give you a substantial workout. There is also a social aspect, as you can take classes and be around your friends in a pool.

Studies have proven that there are numerous health benefits to swimming that make it overall one of the best sports to consider. While you burn calories, you are also burning off stress, and we all know how detrimental stress can be to overall health. It also helps you maintain a healthy body weight and proper circulation. Your lungs are also getting a workout, and this can have many compounding benefits as you breathe easier in your daily life.



While you may not know it, gymnastics is often called the “hardest sport on the planet”. If that title doesn’t immediately turn you away, I invite you to look closer and consider the incredible benefits that come with this exhaustive full-body workout.

Of course, improved strength and flexibility are obvious, but certainly need to be stated. It’s also known for giving athletes the most defined abdominals and biceps in the world, with no exaggeration. Almost every exercise in the sport will work your core, and many are very taxing on your arms, back, and legs as well. Famed UFC legend George St. Pierre is considered one of the best fighters of all time, and he often cited gymnastics as his secret weapon throughout his career. This shows that the mental and physical advantages that are built during gymnastics are applicable to many other sports, another great benefit.

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