The Best Tech for a Keen Online Gambler

Thanks to advances in technology in recent years, online gambling is a huge Internet success story and has grown into a multi-billion-pound industry. Given the fact it is a burgeoning market, gambling companies and bookmakers need to keep up with the demands of their customers to stay competitive, meaning they are continually investing in the latest technology to improve their platforms and appeal to keen gamblers who are looking for the most secure, and most efficient online service.

It’s never been easier than it is right now to gamble online as there are so many casino platforms that make it easy and secure to gamble on a vast array of markets. We’re now in a position that we can pull our smartphones from our pockets and place a bet on a sporting event on the other side of the world or play poker, blackjack, or slot machines while we’re commuting to work. Technological advances have really improved the online experience for gamblers, and in this post, we explore the best tech available to keen online gamblers.

Virtual Reality 

Arguably the most significant development in technology that is available to online gamblers is virtual reality. Advances in virtual reality are driving immersive, user-friendly experiences utilised by online casinos. In the UK, online casinos set up online platforms with live dealers that give a feel of land-based casinos and even allows players to have real-life interactions with dealers. With the increasing popularity of online gambling, and with more and more people playing traditional card games online, we are likely to see further advances in virtual reality in the near future.

Mobile Technology 

Mobile technology allows us to gamble from pretty much anywhere at any time. Because of the sheer number of people with smartphones and tablets, bookmakers and gambling companies have ensured that their services are accessible on mobile devices and computers. As most online casinos and bookmakers have mobile-friendly apps or websites that provide an excellent service, keen online gamblers should ensure they’ve downloaded these apps to make sure they get the most out of the online platform.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the way that people interact with online casinos. In addition to the security AI provides to online casinos in protecting them against fraud, it also significantly improves gamers’ experience. AI software is currently being developed to see if they can compete against humans, for example. Moreover, AI has dramatically improved how customers can communicate with casinos in chatbots, so many challenges that gamblers have on the site can be quickly resolved.

Alternative Payment Options 

Many online casinos have started to utilise cryptocurrencies as a valid means of placing bets on their websites. One significant benefit of using cryptocurrencies is that gamblers can remain anonymous and protect themselves from fraud as transactions’ security is significantly increased. Although alternative payment options are accepted, it goes without saying that online casinos still accept more traditional payment methods, like debit cards, PayPal, and Skrill, for example. The move away from these traditional methods is gradual, but we may see a significant rise in cryptocurrencies’ prominence in the near future.

Blockchain Technology 

One thing that concerns online gamblers most is the security of their financial details and personal data, and it’s often worrying to sign up to several casinos and sportsbooks, as you’re not sure how they manage and protect personal data. That’s where blockchain technology comes in and helps. Blockchain changes how consumers transact on the Internet and is a great asset to online casinos and bookmakers. Because it doesn’t have a specified point of access that hackers can exploit, it is much more secure than previous transaction platforms. Moreover, Blockchain encourages the use of non-traditional transactions (as detailed above), meaning casinos become more attractive to more people.


There have been significant advances in technology in recent years that have been beneficial to keen online gamblers. Mobile technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence have all helped take online gambling to a new level and make it more accessible, user-friendly, and engaging. By offering customers alternative ways of transacting and utilising security software like Blockchain, online gambling companies and bookmakers are also improving their customer’s financial and personal details, which is another positive for keen online gamblers.