The recipe to the ideal website: How to keep your online customers happy

Not every person can answer the question of why he/she needs a website. Many people still think that this is more a tribute to modern trends and prestige. However, the website is a powerful marketing tool that will remain so in 2021. A web project can seriously help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself. For the website to be constantly in working status and your customers to be satisfied with your services, you need to fulfill several conditions, written in this article. The basic requirements for a functional, effective website are as follows:

Informativeness and functionality

The website should contain the most comprehensive information on a particular range of issues, depending on its thematic focus. It is for the sake of information that people connect to the Web and spend their time and money on it.

As you know, a website theoretically has no limit. It can have at least a million pages. Another thing is that a large volume does not benefit effective communication. The information richness of the web system implies the placement of a large amount of text material both in HTML pages and database content. To achieve the required functionality, it is necessary to implement a well-thought-out, competently implemented, and effective search and navigation concept. Convenient navigation is when the user can access any material of interest in two or three clicks of the mouse button. Do not assume that the visitor knows the structure of the website as well as the creator. The reader should easily understand where he is at a given moment and how to get to another place on the website, say, on his map or the main page.

Artistic design and originality

For a virtual office, the graphic design of materials is just as important as its content. It is recommended to find creative solutions within the offline corporate style and consider the status of the web system. That said, one of the factors that differentiate an amateur from a professional website is a consistent design style. There are increased requirements for the correct use of the color gamut of browsers in the low color resolution mode in Global net in the intense color resolution mode, optimization in terms of the number of graphic elements to increase the transfer and download speed.

The Internet is the perfect place for original and sometimes crazy ideas. Various interest clubs have already appeared here. There are countless examples. It is a very favorable circumstance for activities in communication management since most of the problems faced by specialists in this field require non-trivial solutions, many of which are unrealizable in real life.

Data updating, constant updating, and technical maintenance

Another critical factor is the regular updating of the information content and the constant development of graphic design within the framework of the chosen concept. Content on the server should not be out of date. The novelty, variety, and timeliness of the events covered, combined with proper decoration, are necessary to meet visitors’ information and aesthetic needs. By the way, in small organizations, the question inevitably arises – who will be responsible for updating the corporate website? In large firms, the press service is in charge of posting news items. The marketing department is responsible for more “heavy” content, presents certain products, and promotes its website. In some cases, the IT department is engaged in technical support, although this work is often outsourced (that is, outside forces are involved in performing them).

Many companies order website development from Digital Marketing Agency because they provide further technical support, which is extremely important. Technical support means renting hosting, working with mail services, technical monitoring, updating the system’s program code. The cost of technical support ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars per month.


It is one of the indisputable advantages of the Internet, and therefore one should try to make the most of it. Interactive allows direct contact with partners and online clients, simplifies the procedure for distributing news, and reduces the cost of updating various data. The interactive components of the website include means of collecting and presenting statistics of visits, questionnaires and survey forms, voting systems, means of providing feedback (guest books, conferences), means of communication in real-time (chats), means of forming orders for goods and services (online storefront), local search engines, etc.

Working with headlines and ethics.

Headings play an important role in attracting the reader to specific material on the website. Articles with an ineffective and incomprehensible title, regardless of their internal content, may remain without due attention of the readership. There are many recommendations on this matter, such as the need for the heading to be short and to use simple, frequently used words. Or it makes sense to leave a slight understatement. With this technique, the publisher makes the reader’s imagination work.

As you know, the World Wide Web does not belong to anyone, and it does not have any single governing center. That is, it exists as if by itself. It is mainly for this reason that online freedom of speech dominates here. It would seem, say what you want, criticize whoever you wish to, practice plagiarism. Use residential proxy. Route your internet traffic through an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Your IP is entirely hidden, and you appear as a different yet completely average user. However, firstly, the Internet has recently become a zone regulated by ordinary, offline legislation, and secondly, ethics, as we wrote above, is simply beneficial. Therefore, you should always be selective in choosing advertisers and not place banners on the website advertising resources of dubious content and closely monitor the course of discussions in guest books and forums. If the debate contains meaningless messages and swears words – “flood,” it can do more harm than good.

If you fulfill all these requirements for maintaining the website, it will be relevant, informative, and working for a long time. And your customers will always be happy.

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