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Weed culture is getting a lot of popularity, and many professionals now have a positive opinion about legalizing it. Many states are allowing the weed usage and it’s not frowned upon in many societies. After gathering some exciting web research, we have gathered an authentic collection of most popular marijuana blogs for readers to enjoy the best euphoric reading during their pleasure trip.

This collection includes a vast range of cannabis blogs along with podcasts that cover exciting topics such as sex and weed, cannabis laws, research, food and mixing recipes to an extend of A.I (artificial intelligence). It doesn’t matter if you are a working mother who enjoys weed smoking, or a medical professional snooping and finding the remedial potentials of weed. Surprise yourself with the amazing and deep marijuana articles and introduce yourself to an eccentric lifestyle of these influencers. So, let’s not wait further and enjoy the best marijuana blogs.


Cannabis is one of the few things that put us in touch with feelings and emotions that have been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. In an increasingly divided world, it is this shared connection that unites us all. One plant, one planet.

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The Stoner Mommy

Let’s dig into the story of Kathryn, who is a responsible parent and support medical and leisure usage of weed in Ontario. Kathryn’s blog is well known by the title of “The Stoner Mommy”. She is a responsible citizen and uses marijuana dutifully and has a target to change the views of the general public regarding the use of marijuana. She wants to influence many people especially mothers like herself, teachers, professors, and industry professionals, that cannabis can be used and can become part of their daily routine and lifestyle.

She has a detailed blog on the use of natural cannabidiol to get rid of prescription medication such as Zoloft and Wellbutrin. She emphasized the benefits of marijuana’s healing advantages and puts a robust debate regarding natural therapies instead of prescription medicines. She and her spouse also have a celebrated podcast, Mom and Dad are stoned.

Cannabis Cheri

An interesting individual that we would like to introduce to you is Cannabis Cheri, she is an elated professional food euthanasic, who has developed many recipes. She has combined her intelligence in putting fun food marijuana recipes for people to love the food euphoria. British Columbia’s Cannabis Cheri is also known as the “Martha Steward of Weed” by the Daily Beast. Cheri Sicard’s skills in marijuana fusion recipe and professional familiarity as an internet businessperson has excelled her to establish, which has grown into a giant, well-liked cookery and recipe website.

It all started when Cheri Sicard started to get health benefits from the usage of marijuana, she created the fun and frolic fusion of her cooking recipes with cannabis and this the Cannabis Cheri came into existence.

We all know that baking the best hash brownies and sweet delights is a difficult task and everyone has failed in making the perfect batch with an appropriate amount of weed, but Cheri recipes allow us to make the best weed brownies ever. Thanks to her fusion recipes it’s now easy and fun to make the best weed brownies batch.

Green Love Denver

This blog presents a classic and fun lifestyle blog that are on various topics such as fashion, travel, yoga, environmental and political matter that are all interlinked to cannabis. One might wonder how these amazing and topics blend to the usage of marijuana but reading through these blogs gives the best experience that how much all these topics are connected. One might go deep into these topics since they take you in a wonderland of euphoria and gives an amazing perspective of life and marijuana fitting together.

There are so many 30-day fitness challenges out there, but it is amazing to check their own version of CBD challenge for 30 days, which gives a lot of information about the diverse types of lifestyle. Also, we would like to thank Lucy as she is kind enough to review our Wellness tour.

HeyHelloHigh – “Power to the Lady Stoners”

The boldness and confidence of these two amazing girls from Ontario has led to the legalization of usage of cannabis in the state of Ontario and they are set to make the point that usage of weed is alright for women. There are men, who love to eat snacks, use weed and go lazy around all day, there are many who appreciate this lifestyle. But, let’s not fix this lifestyle to males, many females out there love this routine and enjoy the fun and frolic of using weed. They like to be high all day and be productive just like others. They say that women who are professional, fun loving and outgoing and not forget to mention successful are also pot lovers.

This is a very useful blog for all new users and old-timers. To get familiar with their blog, one must start with their first post in the series.

The Hurt Guru

Don’t get deceived from the topic of this part of the blog, this blog is particularly about curative and wellness practices. It all began as a reporting project over seven years ago by Manitoba writer Roni, this site mentions and puts focus on the benefits of medical marijuana from the individual understandings she has experienced in her own life. She is a very professional approach towards her cannabis articles, one will learn about several products, preparing for events and concerts, using marijuana to accomplish fitness targets.

Every post has a productive outcome and one can learn many things. She believes that she is very experimental. One of her regarding experimenting with remedial herb “Kratom” is very interesting and fascinating.

The Goodship

Let the anchors away and hop on board with Alberta’s manufacturer of fusion food such as sweets, chocolates and baked goods “The Goodship”. Judy hall put the stepping stone of her company in 2014 and utilizes superior organic-based ingredient extracted from weed, that makes her customers to be a regular admirer of her hygienic and best quality products.

The Goodship blogs present weed-infused eatable reviews, interviews, and tips on a lot of things from rejuvenating marriages with cannabis to weathering winters in Alberta. One of their most interesting and astounding series is “Higher Ed” which talks about modern love and Artificial intelligence.

Jane West

The HUGE. acknowledges Jane West as “the extensively familiar female personality in weed usage”.But her blog is just more than it is all about, it is entire cause to help the consumers of weed like herself to utilize the advantages of weed over prescription-based medicines and alcohol.

Jane West identify raised and came mainstream when her employer saw her using electronic cigarette on CNBC,

this Toronto-based successful giant tells her experiences as a mother and weed supporter on her blog. It is surprising to see Canada’s stunning statistics regarding dependence on medical marijuana instead of prescription medications.

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