The versatility of custom canopy tents is the secret for its popularity

Custom tents printed with a business logo or brand message is an attractive marketing tool that is popular across businesses. But buying a custom canopy tent is often challenging. Due to the numerous options, about ten million it can create confusion and make the task of choosing the right one more difficult.  Canopy tent frames come with a range of durability lines, varied specifications, and endless printing capabilities that can bewilder. Also, the price spectrum is no less confusing.

Although canopy tents find use for businesses as well as for pleasure, there is one thing in common: there is a general expectation of using the item professionally. Considering that most of the use of canopy tents are for businesses or organizations that hold outdoor events, it is vital to understand the purpose it serves.

Who uses a custom tent?

Anyone who wants to set a branded booth will find customized canopy tents most useful to display the brand and, at the same time, enjoy the shade and protection from the elements of weather, especially when the weather is inclement.  Interestingly, businesses find the pop-up tents most useful for branding and treat it as marketing assets. While there is nothing much special about canopy tents from any ordinary tents used outdoors, what sets it apart is the customization or printing on it. When printed with the branding message, the custom pop-up tent creates enormous visual appeal and attracts your customers to the camp that you have set up for conducting business. The ability to quickly recognize the brand is an invaluable aspect of pop-up tents in a class of its own. The appeal of the tents cuts across industries and organizations as well as governments that use it widely.

How to use pop-up tents

It is not unusual to see pop-tents on the beach when families spend time outdoor, but the most common sight is using the tents for outdoor events set up for business promotion and marketing. Protection from the sun and light rain while creating a designated event space is the most visible functional aspect of the tents. These are excellent for conducting experiential marketing campaigns, which consist of setting up an event at short notice at any place to attract customers who can have a first-hand experience of the products before buying. Although outdoor use of canopy tents is most common, it also finds good use indoors at trade events and fairs where it is necessary to create small compartments of 10×10 feet for accommodating the stalls. The tiny space gets converted into a branded booth that stands out from the generic spaces all around.

Convenience and smart working attract customers and enhance brand value, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of canopy tents. The lightweight tents are easy to carry around as it fits in the boot of mini-van, SUV, or truck. It provides excellent options for small businesses to plan for pocket-friendly marketing campaigns, which are easy to set up with minimal manpower. Only 1-2 people can erect the tent and get going.

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