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Things Everyone Should Do Before Starting a Print on Demand Business

If you are looking to start a print on demand business, it probably means that you want to build a sustainable source of income. Ecommerce continues to grow at a rapid speed and now is as good a time as any.

There are no hidden costs of print on demand if you use services like Printify. On top of that, the business model offers no problems with shipping, returns, etc. You will mostly focus on marketing.

Nevertheless, with all that said, there are some things that people should take note of, especially if this is the first time of starting a print on demand business.


Before you start thinking about conquering the international market, do thorough research on your print providers.

There is this belief that they do everything and you can sit back and relax. The reality is quite different as even the biggest print on demand players are working with third-party services.

Suppliers are in different parts of the world and have different available products. Pick one that will be able to fulfill your needs. Just think of what would happen if you start cooperating with one that is based in Europe, but your target demographic is located in the United States.

Colour Variants and Different Products

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There is hardly any need to try and put as many different variations on your store at first. Instead, decide on a few and slowly build your store from there.

Not only will you have a much harder time trying to market every single item, but the customers will also have it tough trying to decide what to pick.

Struggling to make a decision or take action is a negative sign, and if your customers start to experience a phenomenon known as analysis paralysis, there is definitely something wrong with your store.

Copyright Problems

Even if you are certain that your design is unique and not some kind of a rip-off, double-check just to give yourself peace of mind.

Copyright infringement happens all the time, and it is not limited to just print on demand. Instead of getting yourself in unnecessary trouble, take all the steps to avoid this and live without having to wonder when authorities are going to strike you down.


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The product should be of great quality. There are numerous stores that are already selling stuff at a very low price, but their lack of quality holds them down.

Finding a provider that can supply decent stuff steadily is hard, but if you want something that truly works for the most part and does not end up as a failure in the long run, product quality should certainly be one of your priorities.

Lifestyle Images

Another point to consider for running a successful business in print on demand is the type of prints you are going to put on the merchandise.

Sticking to just general mockups will not get you far. Since visuals are the main force behind bringing in customers and raising your brand awareness, focus on lifestyle pictures that are relevant to your niche. For instance, if you are selling t-shirts about animals, the main images should have dogs, cats, birds, and so on.

More Than Just T-Shirts

When things start to pick up, you will certainly want to try and sell different products as well. Most businesses start with t-shirts and slowly build their empire from there.

These days, it is possible to put a print on virtually anything, so do not hesitate and see how you fare in selling hoodies, phone cases, mousepads, calendars, and anything else you can think of.

Controversial Niche?

Some niches may be a bit more controversial than others. In fact, you might find that your ideas are banned on the most popular social media platforms, meaning that you will have a much harder time selling it.

So what is the lesson here? Research the market and see whether there are no handicaps standing in your way. Fighting against something you have no chance of overcoming would be a waste of resources.


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Try to ask your friends and family for their honest opinions. Staying objective about something you create yourself is rather difficult, so you should look to get feedback from those you trust. Different perspectives help a lot in allowing you to figure out whether you are doing things right, and if this is not just a useless idea not worth pursuing.

Once you find out what the others are thinking, you will be able to make adjustments with hopes of getting better results.

So to sum everything up, if you are serious about starting a print on demand venture yourself, there are certainly some things you need to do beforehand. And this article covers most of that. Be sure to follow the tips written above so you do not miss out on something crucial.

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