Things That Car Insurance Providers Wish You Never Ever Know

When you deal with car insurance providers, there are tricks and tips you can use to your advantage. Car insurance providers hate that.

The process of signing a car insurance package is quick and easy.

Both parties usually smile through the process, that is until an insurance claim is filed. The insurance agents, who once looked like an angel, suddenly have surgery and changed his facial expression entirely, and now look like a demon.

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Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s how I felt when I consulted one of them trying to file an insurance claim for my car.

As such, below is a list of things I wished I knew, they were glad I did not and wish I never find out.

Things that car insurance providers wish was buried forever

Do not trust their doctors

It is bad enough if you are injured during a car accident, and it is even worse when the doctor tells you that you are not.

The car insurance providers would typically refer you to their doctors to get an examination to support your claim. I would not say these doctors are dodgy, but they are known for, how should I say it, belittling your injuries? And they might even say that your conditions have always been there and are not related to car accidents.

Yeah right, I was sleeping in my bed, and suddenly there was a fist-size dent in my Fibula bone.

Adjusters are the devil in disguise

Remember how I started the topic with angels turning to demons once a claim has been filed? Well, adjusters are the opposite of that; they have always been a demon in disguise.

The appearances of these adjusters are something of a sweet bloke trying to help you out, but secretly they are trying to kill you with kindness. Talk about being a true fan of Selena Gomez.

Well, not kill you in the literal sense, but instead they act so sweet that it guilt-trips you when you consult a lawyer on how to defend yourself. Do not fall for that, remember you have had an accident and you are the victim that need compensation here.

Ignore that smiling devil and tell your attorney everything as soon as possible.

A denied claim is not a lost claim

I have to say I cannot blame them on this one entirely. If they are just to approve everyone’s claim without putting up a fight, the business will go bankrupt in days.

However, I do reckon they have to do so with a sense of fairness rather than straight out deny every single claim brought to them.

If you are not the type to sign without reading terms and conditions, then you may have noticed a term that indicates they have agreed to “act in good faith” about compensating you.

So if your claim was genuine and they denied it, do not be afraid to talk to your attorney to fight back.

Remember it is literally their job to deny claims and you are entitled to refund them a good smashing in the butt.

Evidence for everything

In the society we live in now, we need evidence for everything. So remember to keep a record of every little thing related to your claim.

Take a photo of where your car was hit, write down the time when the crash occurred, the exact spot where it happens and so son.

Also, if you have consulted with the insurance providers on the phone, record the conversation of what they say, or ask them to send you an email on all matters they mention on the phone.

The reason is that, when you are in court trying to get a claim, even though you have a cast on your broken leg and walking with a crutch, somehow you are the criminal being doubted constantly on everything you say.

Trust me, I learned it the hard way, and faith in humanity was literally lost that day.

Suspiciously cheap insurance

If you have been researching on insurance, you should have gotten familiar with deductibles by now.

Though just to be safe, I will briefly explain to readers who are not. Deductibles are cost you have to pay before the insurance provider take over your tab when an accident occurs.

As such, to lower the premium of your insurance, they will increase the deductible and lower the insurance cost. A deal like that would seem tempting without doubt, and claims are usually approved easier too because they do not pay much on their end.

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Talk to an attorney before settlement

Chances are when the wind of victory is blowing in your direction, insurance providers would choose to give you an upfront offer and urge you to accept it.

Consult your attorney before signing that settlement. It is highly likely the deal they give you is much lower than what you could have gotten.


A side of me would like to defend the independent insurance agents as it is their job to deny your claim, while the other side is continually fighting the temptation to latch out and antagonize them.

Regardless, if you are feeling the same, what does matter is you getting your claim approved and have those expenses covered.

Make sure, you are well aware of the issues mentioned above to safeguard yourself from unfavorable circumstances caused by your innocent attitude toward the insurance providers.


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