5 Best things to do on the Internet on your spare time

Back in the time when the Internet was not so developed, people used to have different activities in their spare time. It’s true that many of us still read books and have long walks in the park, but we have to admit that the Internet has changed our daily routine a lot. Whether it’s about checking some emails or posting a photo on Instagram, we act differently than some years ago.

However, many of the Internet users tend to use the same 5-6 apps, creating a boring humdrum even from the most exciting creation of humankind. There are infinite online possibilities for fun activities. Here is a list of 5 that will definitely scare the boredom away.

5. Learn Some Useful Skills

There are hundreds of articles or videos on the Internet from which you can find out many useful tips and tricks. From tying your shoelaces in just a second or learning new delicious recipes that will impress your guests, the Internet is simply a gold mine when talking about learning. Even though you use the same app (Youtube for example) your boring online routine can be changed in just a second only by searching something different from music or tech reviews.

4. Creating Art

There is an app that you can download both on IOS or Android called Weave Silk. If you want to stay in front of your desktop computer, they also have a website. The fun begins with a black screen where you can doodle with your mouse in order to create beautiful artworks using just your skills and imagination. It has an amazing feature that allows you to mirror the screen. So, whatever you draw on the left side of the screen, for example, it will be also shown on the right side. Keep in mind to save your creation after you finish!

3. Watch Documentaries

If you have seen all the movies that you had an interest in and you are looking for something new, fret not. You can always go to the Documentary Heaven. No, we’re not talking about a spiritual place, but about a website where you can find any documentary you want. There is actually a top 100 in order to help you make a choice.

2. Online Gambling

If you already have the legal age and you live in a country where this activity is approved by law, you can always take into consideration the idea of joining an online casino. As long as you play in a responsible manner it can be very fun and exciting. There are many online casinos that offer rewarding bonuses and if you become a loyal member there are many benefits included. Whether you prefer to spin the reels of Slots or throw the dices of a Roulette, you can have a great time.

1. Create Your Own Song

Many people are sad when they think about not being able to play any instrument. But the Internet comes in your help. You don’t need to know how to play the guitar, for example, if you use Patatap. By simply pressing random letters on your keyboard you will create sounds that can actually turn into songs. Use your creativity and your musical preferences, don’t forget to press the Space button in order to change to a different set of sounds and you can feel like a true musician.


Use the Internet to your advantage! Have fun while discovering new and exciting things. Your spare time is very important and spending it by playing games, being productive or developing a new set of skills could be exactly what you need.

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