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Writing a good and meaningful college essay is not the easiest thing to do in the world. With dozens of assignments and papers that students have on their to-do lists, it’s quite obvious why they can lose their motivation to complete them in a winning way.

To help students with their dilemma, a professional blog writer from has collected a bunch of proven tips on how to do excellent and fast essays without losing your sanity. So, here they are. Feel free to use them and see your academic performance improve dramatically.

Tip #1 – Get Down to Your Assignment as Soon as Possible

The number one enemy of a good score for your essay is procrastination. Writing a well-researched and convincing essay is not something that you can do overnight or in 3 hours. Obviously, composing a winning term paper or dissertation is going to take you days, even weeks of preparation.

So once you get a new assignment, look through its requirements carefully, and think of how you can turn it in on time. Are you going to write it on your own? Or you’d like to hire skilled and well-versed essay writers to do it for you. Both options can be a good solution.

Tip #2 – Create a Plan on How You Are Going to Complete Your Paper

Typically, completing each essay or any other type of paper can be divided into several stages. Let me enumerate some of the most common here.

  • Doing thorough research on the chosen topic.
  • Writing the first draft of your essay.
  • Turning your draft into a more cohesive and well-thought paper.
  • Polishing your essay and eliminating any errors or plagiarism.
  • Taking care of formatting and referencing.

Once you have a clear picture of all the work involved in creating your next winning paper you need to map out your schedule accordingly to get the necessary time for completing each stage in a proper way.

Tip #3 – Devote at Least 50% of Your Time to Research

That’s where most students make the biggest mistake when it comes to accomplishing their assignments and papers. Many of them ignore this stage altogether or do insufficient research. As a result, they come up with an essay that is not well-grounded. They lack strong arguments to make their point of view convincing enough in the eyes of their tutors. It leads to poor results and rejections.

I highly recommend you devote at least 50% of all the time that you have for your paper to doing research. Dig as deep as you can. And don’t forget to find and use only scholarly sources. Wikipedia won’t do.

Tip #4 – Get Rid of All the Tricky Distractions and Work Non-Stop on Your Paper

Once you do detailed research on the given topic and collect a lot of useful data it’s high time to start writing your first draft. To keep everything well organized, I recommend you get rid of all the distractions that can disperse your focus before you actually get down to writing your paper. It can save you hours of precious time in the end.

Choose a quiet place where you can work on your essay draft nonstop till you finish it. Split your time into chunks and take small breaks to keep the workflow more effective. At this stage, your goal is to write, write, write. Don’t think about errors and editing.

Tip #5 – Eliminate All the Errors in Your Paper

Once your first draft is complete take a long-awaited break and let your brain have a proper rest (at least 3-4 hours). After that get down to editing your paper and eliminating all types of mistakes (typos, grammar errors, lexical errors, punctuation errors, etc.).

Indeed, this stage can be the most challenging for many students. That’s because it’s not that easy to find your own errors and correct them. Feel free to use different apps like Grammarly or even consider hiring a pro editor.

Tip #6 – Take Care of Formatting and Citations

Finally, double-check the formatting of your paper. This is also important as it has a big impact on the score that you are going to get for your paper. Citations can make or break your whole work. That’s because if you make citations in the wrong way, your tutor may consider it to be plagiarism and it may lead to the rejection of your essay.

Thus, be very attentive to citations. Cite all the sources properly and according to the style that is given in the instructions for your essay or assignment.

Tip # 7 – Have Any Doubts? Turn to High-Quality Essay Services for Help

If you have an urgent paper or need your essays to be done really fast, outsource them to a top essay writing service. You may think “Ok, great. How can I find the best-rated writing service to complete my custom essay for me just when I need it?”

Just type in Google “affordable paper writing helper” or “buy cheap custom essay online” and it will show you the list of paid services relevant to your query where you can order the needed assistance.

But don’t be in a hurry to purchase your assignment from the first website you find there. Evaluate them, see what they have on sale, and make sure they have positive customer testimonials and a high client satisfaction rate.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time for your research, you can turn to to get quality essay writing help for your money. It’s a 100% legit, trustworthy, and confidential essay assistant that can deliver you an amazing paper completely free from errors and plagiarism. Every time you pay for your paper on you stay private and your personal data is always protected properly.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or our team at We are always happy to assist you with any challenging paper that you may have.

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