TiviMate Premium: Why it’s better than the Free Version

Digitization has revolutionized how people watch television. Traditionally, people relied on cable and satellite connections to get TV services. Currently, you don’t need such connections to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Technology has now enabled us to access television programs at a lower cost via IPTV.

IPTV refers to the Internet Protocol Television. The protocol is a cheaper way of obtaining television services through the internet. With IPTV, you do not have to subscribe to expensive cable or satellite connections. IPTV allows you to watch thousands of your desired sports, news, and entertainment TV channels.

To access IPTV services, users must install applications like TiviMate IPTV player on their Android-based streaming devices such as Android TV boxes and Amazon Fire TV stick. You also need reliable high-speed internet to stream live videos without interruptions. Streaming live videos requires around 10Mbps, and you can measure your internet speed using the TROYPOINT speed test.

TiviMate IPTV Player

TiviMate player is one of the best IPTV applications that enable users to access IPTV services on their Android devices without restrictions. It has an in-built EPG and high-quality IPTV live streaming. Many people use the TiviMate app as it allows them to watch numerous Live TV channels from their IPTV service providers on their Android set-boxes or Amazon Firesticks.

After downloading and installing TiviMate from the Google store, you need an Xtream Code or M3U Plus to log into the IPTV services. TiviMate offers both free and premium options for its users. The free version comes with an EPG guide and access to Live TV streaming at no cost.

Quick steps of Setting up TiviMate on your Android Device:

  1. Download TiviMate App from the Google Playstore.
  2. Install the app on your Android device.
  3. Open the app and go to the “add playlist” option.
  4. Select a playlist or enter its URL
  5. Use your Xtream code or M3U details to log in (server address, your username, and password).
  6. Click “Done” and enjoy TiviMate’s services.

Why is TiviMate Premium Better than the Free Version?

Despite being convenient to most people, TiviMate’s free version has some imitations. On the other hand, the premium option has incredible options that will make your TV experience worthwhile. If the cost bothers you, you have no reason to worry as the premium package is relatively inexpensive. You can subscribe to the service for as little as $ 5 per year or choose the lifetime package at $20 (one-time payment).

So, what are TiviMate Premium’s unique features?

  • Synch to Android Devices
  • Manual channel sorting and searching
  • Customizable panels
  • Catch-up and Recording options
  • Auto Frame Rate (AFR) and Multiple-viewing
  • Multiple Playlist and Favorites Management
  • Channel list

Let’s look at the features in detail:

Sync to Android Devices

If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy various entertainment channels, TiviMate’s premium version is the way to go! TiviMate’s compatibility with Android devices such as the Android TV set-box and the Amazon Firestick is one of its outstanding features. You can easily synchronize IPTV with your preferred Android device. The step enables you to access the available channels offered by your IPTV provider.

Manual channel sorting and searching

TiviMate allows you to customize your channel panel by setting your preferred reordering of channels manually. You can also for your favorite channels and add them to your panel by browsing through the over 500 IPTV channels.

Customizable panels

TiviMate has customizable panels’ transparency and timeout option. The option allows you to change the logos and text sizes to make the menu more transparent. Hence, you will incredibly improve your IPTV player’s experience.

Catch-up and Recording options

You now don’t have to worry about missing your favorite programs. TiviMate has a catch-up option for your IPTV provider. The service lets you watch your program of choice, hours or days after its broadcast. Therefore, you can always keep up with your desires shows without time restrictions.

TiviMate player also allows users to record their preferred IPTV channels and play them back later.

Auto Frame Rate (AFR) and Multiple-viewing

Among TiviMate’s appealing features is its ability to automatically set up the frame rate. The premium AFR option improves the quality of pictures produced by the TiviMate player on your TV box.

TiviMate also allows you to view more than one channel by using its multiple-viewing option. Alternatively, you can switch to the picture-in-picture option to watch a smaller screen within a bigger one. You can, therefore, scroll between channels as they concurrently run on your TV screen.

Multiple Playlist and Favorites Management

The premium subscription lets you unlock the multiple playlist features from your IPTV provider. You can add several playlists and more TV guide sources through the Xtream code or M3U Plus logins. The option also allows you to edit, tweak, or manually update your playlists.

TiviMate player has an option for customizing your preferred channels. The favorites’ management allows you to manage your channels of choice by adding them to this section. Hence, you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite programs as you can easily retrieve them from the favorites menu.

Channel list

TiviMate player has a user-friendly interface that eases your IPTV experience. You can conveniently view the channel list as you are live streaming any IPTV channel. After selecting your desired channel from the list, you will get detailed information about it. For instance, you can view its quality, EPG, fps, and audio.

Nowadays, most people prefer IPTV to cable or satellite TVs. IPTV is relatively cheaper than traditional televisions as it relies on internet connectivity, and currently, many households have access to quality and high-speed internet. You require specific applications such as TiviMate to enjoy IPTV’s live streaming services. While TiviMate has a free version, its premium package is preferable due to its incredibly unique feature.

Download, install and subscribe to the TiviMate Premium, and your IPTV experience will be second to none!

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