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Top 10 Best Hacking Books for Beginners

Best Hacking BooksHello, guys! Today we are going to discuss the top 10 Best Hacking Books for beginners who are interested in hacking kind of stuff. An ethical hacker will gain unauthorized access to a system to expose any vulnerability present in the software. This act significantly helps business owners to fix the security holes before other hackers discover them. To gain access, hackers exploit a system’s security weakness or use social engineering to control the system users using Hacking may be legal or illegal depending on the hackers’ intentions and whether the system owner authorizes them to hack.

Hacking includes both technical and social engineering strategies. Regularly, hacking has numerous problems to solve, and many hackers find this very challenging and exciting. Hackers should keep themselves constantly updated on any technological advancement, cybersecurity, and hacking strategies. Many skilled hackers treat hacking as a career since many institutions hire ethical hackers to secure their systems.

Although hacking is straightforward for skilled hackers, beginners may find it very complex since they might have no idea to go about it. Upcoming hackers should read the following hacking books to gain hacking skills.

  1. Hacking: The art of exploration

It is a classic hacking book covering everything you need to know about hacking. It has simple explanations so that everyone understands hacking better after reading it. The book also comes with a live Compact Disc to try the newly learned hacking skills. The CD also provides Linux programming and a debugging environment, but it does not modify your operating system.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation covers programming, network communications, machine architecture, and hacking techniques. The book teaches how exploits work, how to run them and also guides you on how to generate your exploits. It has many examples to follow along when debugging codes, exploiting cryptographic vulnerabilities, inventing your exploits, and hijacking network communications.

  1. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws

Are you looking for information about web application penetration testing? The Web Application Hacker’s book is ideal for you. This fantastic web app hacking book covers everything to do with this subject.

The book outlines the various procedures you can use to test web applications’ security effectively. The book covers web-app penetration testing basics, e.g., describing how the HTTP protocol works to get better web server and visitor communications. The understanding dramatically helps to identify attacks and defenses.

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  1. Penetration testing: a hands-on introduction to hacking

Are you interested in understanding cybersecurity more? Here is one of the best hacking books for you. The book outlines all the basic skills a penetration hacker should possess. It teaches you cracking passwords, brute-forcing hacking wireless networks using wordlists, controlling virtual machines to compromise their networks, bypassing antivirus software, Metasploit framework, and web application security.

It is better if you had several vulnerable virtual machines and a Kali Linus virtual lab to undergo multiple scenarios in this book effectively. The book also uses tools like Wireshark, Nmap, and Burp Suite, among others.

  1. Kali Linux Revealed: Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution

Formerly known as Backtrack, this hacking book only teaches you Kali Linux. It is ideal for beginner and proficient hackers. The book describes all Kali Linux features and basics training you on the basic Linux commands and concepts. It also teaches you the most common installation procedures for Kali Linux.

As a beginner, you will learn the Kali Linux configuration, troubleshooting, and security Kali and then dip into a Debian package manager. After reading the book, you should be able to install, configure, update, upgrade, and create various Kali Linux packages.

  1. Hacking: A Beginners’ Guide to Computer Hacking

The book teaches you the best ethical hacking skills all the white hat hacking basic terminologies. It is an excellent book for prospective hackers who would like to start their hacking training.

This ultimate hacking guide also covers the history of hacking, types of hackers, types of hack attacks and threats, essential hacking tools, how to hide IP addresses, smartphone and email hacking, penetration testing, spoofing attacks, among others.

  1. The Hacker’s Underground Handbook

Are you fascinated by hacking? Do you seek to become an expert hacker? Then, this book was crafted for you. This book carries knowledge on the basic hacking introduction and how to crack and protect web application passwords. The book equips you with diverse hacking aspects to improve your hacking skills.

The book helps you to think like a hacker. It also entails other hacking aspects such as banner grabbing, port scanning, wireless network hacking, foot-printing, and web network hacking, and compromising windows systems.

  1. Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide

The book is suitable for beginners who want to understand Metasploit’s conventions and module system. Metasploit is a widely used framework by penetration testers to detect and exploit weaknesses. It is one of the best hacking books that teach on launching simulated attacks such as wireless and social engineering attacks.

Additionally, the book covers modern penetration testing methods, network reconnaissance performance, how to write Meterpreter post-exploitation modules and scripts, and Nmap and Nessus integration.

  1. Social engineering

This ultimate guide on social engineering covers this hacking concept in detail. Social engineering is influencing a targeted system to reveal its sensitive data. The idea makes hacking very simple.

The book also teaches you about the numerous maneuvers concerning social engineering and how to prevent these social engineering threats. Apart from understanding more about hacking, this book will also prepare you against malicious hackers by teaching you detailed social engineering.

  1. Hash Crack: Password Cracking Manual

The book is an ultimate guide for password cracking methods, tools, and analysis strategies. It entails all penetration testers and network security professionals’ techniques to evaluate their systems’ security level.

The book contains widespread cracking and analysis tools, syntax, and examples, all explained in simple terms for easier understanding. It has various tools like tables, commands, online resources, among others, to help in cracking your security kit.

  1. Honorable Mention: Hacking Mit Metasploit

The book ideally fits all levels of hacking, from beginners to advanced levels. It is best to learn Metasploit as its author works with the Metasploit’s team, adversely contributing to the framework’s project.

This is so unfortunate that Michael Messner authored the book in the German language, and it may require translations if you do not understand the language. It carries detailed Metasploit information crafted in a great way to teach you everything about the framework.

So, the above manuals are the best hacking books every beginner hacker should read. They carry details on what you should expect in hacking and what to do in certain situations. You may even advance to taking Red Hat Certification exams to be recognized as a qualified cybersecurity expert after reading them.

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