Top 10 Best Video Editing Software For Creators

Video editing is a truly good way to make nice content. These days, a lot of young video creators are coming up. Most of them are easily visible on Instagram. They make very catchy and unique videos and also collaborate with advertisers. Thus, through a simple thing like video, they earn good money. Keeping that aspect also aside, video editing is a must for every industry.

Whenever you advertise a campaign, you can effectively do it through a video. You can also make an inauguration video of an event and arrest everyone’s attention. Besides these normal causes to make videos, you can use it professionally too. Let’s not forget that some people thrive on video making and editing. These are video professionals who work in film production centers and all. Thus, finding a suitable and budget software for video editing is important. Do read about these top 10 software to know more!

Top 10 software for video editing


This is a very famous video making and editing software. It is both free as well as paid. It is quite famous among the professional class of workers. Promo can be used for a variety of activities. This includes things like making videos, adding special effects, etc. You can use this software on android, web, iPad, or iPhone. The key areas in which it works is business, real estate, health, beauty, fitness, etc. The paid version of it starts from $29 per month. You can also get a free demo to see it. It has around 12 million videos and many more templates for editing.


  • Animation
  • Collaborations
  • Media library
  • Drag and Drop

2. Horizon

How does this name sound? What does this software tell you? Well, Horizon is a photography and editing software. The key feature of it is the video capturing one. In normal phones, you can’t click a horizontal video quite well. Yet Horizon solves that problem. It mainly focuses on making your video look aesthetically horizontal. You can also avail of a demo on it. It’s available on iOS and Android. To avail of other features, you can make in-app purchases too. It’s however basically free. Yet the paid version starts from $1.99. Isn’t it cheap? You can make around 15 seconds video only in the Free version.


  • 2 K High resolution
  • 3 different modes
  • Cropping of videos

3. Pinnacle studio

No one would have missed this video editor. It is by far the most talked-about one on our list. The latest version of it is called Pinnacle Version 23. It gives around 2000+ filters to the user to add amazing effects. Besides that, you can effectively use a screen recorder in it. One can also employ its features to convert a VHS into DVD. To make your task easy, there are many user guides and manuals present in it. You can go through them before initiating them. Though basic features of it are free, yet it starts around $ 99. The add on effects it provides include things like color grading, video masking, etc.


  • 360 video tiny planet effect
  • Time remapping
  • Special projects offer
  • Colour grading

4. GoPro studio

This video editor was earlier under the GoPro Quik version. It was a very famous software. It also worked under the paid and premium category before. Yet in around 2015, it discontinued the premium version. Since then, it is offering all features in free. That’s what makes it a real software. It has interesting features like adding background music to the videos. One can also edit the frame of any filmed video. This will enhance its overall appearance. However, its main feature is the Time-Lapse movie. It makes a movie out of singular images only.


  • Templates
  • White balance, exposure
  • Slow-motion effects
  • Adding blocks to videos

5. Corel Video Studio

This is a complete video editing software package for Windows. It is a whole package of editing. In other words, its features are quite expansive. The latest version of it is New Video Studio 2020. One can buy its premium features with special offers like 30% discount etc. The main features of it include 3D transition effects. One can make a video look real with it. You can also add slideshow effects with it. Besides that, one can even overlay flash animation with its help. Other common features like trimming, cropping, etc are available as well.


  • Editing HD videos
  • Multi-camera editor
  • Fade to black feature
  • Change video playback speed

6. Lumen 5

This is again a very renowned name in the video editing Industry. It is basically used by professionals. They do media marketing through it. Besides that, it has an amazing feature in it. One can convert simple mundane content in video form. This will surely boost up traffic on a site. Moreover, it has a feature in which you can integrate high-quality media together. It also has an exclusive feature of customization. In this, one can customize the effects in a video. One has to just do a simple sign-up and login to avail of its free features. It is free for casual video makers with an upper limit of 5 videos/ month. It then has a paid version of $ 19 for starters and $49 for premium users.


  • Tips and tricks
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Customize with one click

7. Hitfilm Express

The name of this software is very interesting and eye-catching. Its features are as exciting as its name. It offers professional VFX tools. With their help, you can make films and gaming videos. Yes! It offers gaming video features too. In fact, it’s most suitable for YouTubers, students, beginners, and gamers. It’s basically free for everyone. Yet if you want to add on features, you can get at a rate of $ 9.99. This is the pro software store in which you can buy its premium features. Altogether, it’s a really great software cum tool. Do use it!


  • Renegade bullets for gaming
  • 3 D model shields
  • Palpatine lightning effects
  • Professional tools

8. Lightworks

Yet again a software with a beautiful name! The software has been in the industry for 25 years. It is mainly used for film editing and many popular films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, etc were edited using Lightworks. It has a very simple user interface. This makes it quite user friendly. Besides that, it has an easy timeline editing and trimming feature. Although, all its features are mostly free. Yet if you want more, catch them from the premium area. Here you can get royalty-free audio/ video content. You can also export video for YouTube etc.


  • Works on major operating systems
  • Good format support
  • Multi-cam editing

9. Filmora

Filmora is a very suggestive title in itself. It mainly caters to film video editing. Yet it also does editing for other small and medium businesses. It works on android and iOS both. The main features of it are GIF support and color grading. It is said that it offers almost 4000 videos as a limit. Besides that, it is both free and paid. You can take a free trial before using it. The starting price for it is around $ 39.99. The editor can be used for dedications, tributes, and stories too. It has got some amazing video filters.


  • Colour grading
  • Insert Text
  • Video transitions and filters
  • Webcam/ audio capture

10. Viva video

And this is the last video editor. Well, it is used by almost every layman. Don’t you use it to make a video on your birthday? Or your parents’ anniversary? You can add multiple photos in it to make a video. You can also add background music to it. There are various themes in it for videos. Like love, dedication, anniversary, life, inspiration, etc. And yes! You can also split a video. One can also trim it accordingly. The non-premium version of it is very limited. Thus, you can use the premium version to export longer videos.


  • Add sounds
  • Remove music/sounds

So finally we have covered all the popular video editing software. All these are suitable since they have free and premium versions. So it caters to the requirements of all sections. These editors offer some really amazing experiences. Thus, anyone and everyone can use it. You will love those special effects of theirs!

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