Top 10 Review Sites for Students in 2020 

If there is one thing that all people like, including students, then it must be a genuine website where you can find a handful of reliable and honest information about a certain product or service. As students mature, they all want to buy things and engage in business, but sometimes the lack of information might make them reluctant regarding the products or services. How to find reliable review sites for students in 2020? Well, we have prepared this article to present to you the best places to look for reviews. All these websites are recognized and authoritative places that offer insight into some of the leading and best-selling products.

Digital Trends

Staying up to date with the latest tech innovations is crucial to teach students and everyone else who takes an interest in technology, and there is no better place to find a review for the gadget you plan to buy than at Digital Trends. As you can assume, here you can search the large database of reviews, interesting blog articles and reports on the latest gadgets that users utilize. On top of that, the students can get discounts at the store. Black Friday deals, holiday gifts, and special discounts fulfill the selling page where you can buy at things for good prices. The next time you find a gadget to buy, visit Digital Trends to read the review of the item you plan to buy.

Consumer Research is a good place to learn about the latest trends, innovations, financial news and other things that are the integrated parts of our lives. At the same time, all the texts are written by the distinguished authors, meaning you will read genuine, reliable and accurate information. It is not a classic review site, though. However, if you are looking for a good place to stay up to do date with the latest happenings from the majority of industries, then you might want to add Consumer Research to your bookmarks folder. They even offer an Internship program for students so they could advance their knowledge about self-driving cars, tech innovations, and the most popular consumers’ products!


Whether you want to buy yourself a hovercraft, or you want the best e-bike, the Slant will offer you the reliable information that comes from the experienced writers who tested the products. The simple interface, quick search and a wide range of categories will be enough to answer your challenging questions so you could make the right choice. The site is not really cool for service reviews. However, you can find almost any category in order to find the best item in it. You can also join the community and engage in a deeper conversation and thoughts-exchange discussion.


Revaalo offers exploration of the services that you might need as a student or even after your student’s life. Check the overall rating and opinions on the driving schools, moving services, legal companies, and yoga classes before you decide to give your confidence to some of them. The main downside is that this site is related to India, Bangalore. Therefore, it is not very useful for the US or international students, but it can be a valuable resource for the Indian market exploration. Should you plan to land on the Indian market, do perform a thorough research on this website.


Google is the best search engine without any doubts and it can offer an extensive amount of information about the topic you have interest in. There is a small chance that you will not find on Google the review of the school or university where you want to continue your education, as it is the best tool for data mining. It is a free tool that does not require any registration. Therefore, its simplicity and easy navigation attract millions of users who look for essaymania review or any other service/product! Students can find almost any review – from a book review to the authentic and authorized reviews of the home appliances, tech gadgets and other things that students might find interesting!


Amazon is primarily the e-commerce store/platform where you can buy almost anything – from the North Face boots, to Mac i7 laptop! Amazon has been one of the most valued platforms as the end-users review the products they had bought. In this way, you decrease the time for the research. Just find the item that you want to buy and look for the reviews to see whether it is something that you would like to buy and invest money in. Plus, Amazon is a large corporation that has a lot of affiliates, and it is very unlikely that you would bump into the fake review.

Trip Advisor

Students like to travel to experience new things, cultures and meet other people, especially if they are going to the places that someone had already visited. Trip Advisor is an American travel company that presents all the accommodations, attractions, restaurants, and other interesting facilities and reveals the users’ feedback and opinion on a certain place. It has more than 315 million of reviewers who are active. Therefore, when a student decides to travel to India, he would visit this website to find out about the cool places that he should visit, but also about the places he should not. The whole trip plan and strategy can be built out on the reviews from experienced backpackers who report on the different cities, hotels, restaurants, convention centers and hidden islands that must be visited!


Spending your holiday in San Francisco sounds great, but do you know what you should visit in this magnificent city? Yelp offers help and directs you to the best restaurants, barbershops, spa facilities and gyms without too much complication as you only need to type in your interest and hit the enter key! The web site is neatly designed, without too many distracting elements. The students are able to write or read reviews of many places in this city and decide where to spend their day or evening. All you need to do is to register to access the full reviews and contribute to the community by posting your reviews of cool places.


One of the earliest websites that are focused on customer reviews is Danish company Trustpilot that was founded in 2007. The website has regular users who post almost 1 million reviews every month, making it a perfect destination for a student to look for a reliable review. At the moment, Trustpilot has 13 million reviews of more than 100,000 brands! The key focus of the company is delivering genuine and objective reviews of the products. This means that students can read honest reviews of almost any product they could need.

Test Freaks

Have you ever wanted to find the website that offers sincere descriptions and overall impressions of the Dr.Dre Beats wireless headphones? Well, test freaks throw in realistic reviews by many experienced users that can notice major setbacks or slight need-to-update features. Students may look for musical instruments product reviews. There is no better place to look for musical equipment reviews, so Test Freaks is another fantastic review website that you must subscribe to!

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