Top 5 Best Movies about the Love of Mothers that You Should Watch

the mother is always the one who shares love and happiness to her children and the one who can happily sacrifice for the future of her kids. That’s why “Mother” has long been one of the endless inspiration for filmmakers. 

In movies, Mother’s affection and beautiful characteristics are captured in a very honest and moving way. That is exactly how the following 5 films have won the hearts of the audience. You can find them easy and free to view on the fCine.tv website. 

Now, Let’s check them out 

#1: Brave (2012)

Length: 93 minutes 

Main actors: Kelly Macdonald (Merida), Emma Thompson (Elinor), Billy Connolly (King Fergus)

The film revolves around Princess Merida. Ever since  Merida was a child, she has always been a rebel with a stubborn attitude who disliked etiquette. One day, the queen decided to find a husband for Merida. Not accepting the arrangement and unwilling to obey her mother, Merida fled the kingdom and entered the dark wood. 

She resorted to magic and accidentally turned her into a bear. Then, in the process of overcoming challenges to turn her back into a human, both mother and daughter gradually understood each other more. This is a thrilling film about mother and daughter’s love, opening up a new way for the audience to observe the inseparable connection between a mother and her children 

The unique trait of the film lies in the way conflict is handled. The beginning of the story is the tense conflict between the wild Merida and the traditional Queen Elinor and the film ends with a scene that has audience burst into tears.

 Brave (2012)/ Source https://pbs.twimg.com

#2: Instant Family (2018)

Length: 118 minutes

Main actors: Mark Wahlberg (Peter), Rose Byrne (Ellie), Isabela Moner (Lizzy), Gustavo Quiroz (Juan),…

Instant Family is definitely a family movie that cleverly balances all the factors like humor, hilarity through dialogue, character behavior and psychological evolution throughout the family during the process of trying to get along to have a mutual understanding among members.

The film revolves around the adoption journey and the experience of having children of Pete and Ellie after attending a meeting with families intending to adopt.

After that, the couple had a chance to meet the three children who had just been separated from their mothers when she was arrested for using drugs. 

All three have different ages and personalities: The eldest sister Lizzy is stubborn and rebellious, followed by her son who is a bit silly but very sincere Juan and finally the youngest sister whose heart could contain the whole world  – Lita.

Instant Family brings out the funny situations of Pete and Ellie upon becoming parents and taking care of three children for the first time. It is their silly, embarrassing and relentless efforts with the desire to be closer and closer to the children that bring many meaningful messages to the viewers about family love, especially the mother’s love.

Instant Family (2018)/ Source https://pisces.bbystatic.com

#3: The Piano (1993)

Length: 117 minutes

Main actors: Holly Hunter (Ada), Anna Paquin (Flora), Harvey Keitel (Baines),… 

Setting e in the mid-19th century, the film revolves around Ada – a widowed and mute woman – who moved to New Zealand to begin an arranged marriage with a local landlord. Ada brought her little daughter Flora and the piano she loved so much together with her.

The journey to the husband’s village was harsh, so in the end, the husband decided to leave her piano, which she deeply treasured, on the beach. Suffering, desperate and lonely in a foreign land, many times Ada wanted to find a way to the beach to bring the piano back. 

By chance, she met Baines, a poor man from the same village and fell in love with him and the tragedy began.

Besides the story of love and fate, The Piano also profoundly depicts motherhood, the love of Ada for Laura – the only one who can truly understand her emotions.

The Piano (1993)/ Source https://www.santos.sp.gov.br

#4: Panic Room (2002)

Length: 112 minutes

Main actors: Jodie Foster (Meg), Kristen Stewart (Sarah), …

After the divorce, Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah moved into an old house. Right on the first night, Meg and Sarah were faced with three thieves breaking into the room.

To escape and protect themselves, Meg and her daughter ran into the Panic room, where they thought would be a safe place to hide. However, that place is what thieves are looking for. From here, the veil of mystery was gradually revealed.

When the mother and daughter were surrounded by aggressive bandits, Sarah was suffering from hypoglycemia. Meg ventured out into the living room looking for the valuable drug to save her daughter’s life. Meg was caught and the robbers disappeared with the shares and Sarah, the mother instinct urged Meg to pursue them to bring Sarah back.

Panic Room (2002)/ Source https://amazon.com

#5: Dearest (2014)

Length: 130 minutes

Main actors: Zhao Wei (Li Hongqin), Hao Lei (Lu Xiaojuan),…

China is famous for its one-child policy, causing many consequences for society, including child abduction. To reflect this situation, director Peter Chan relied on a true story to make the movie “Dearest”, making a mark for Chinese cinema in 2014.

The movie Dearest is set in the countryside, based on the true story of an inharmonious couple, the child is the link between the two. However, the child was abducted by traffickers. In the process of traveling across the country to find their children, the two met many parents who were in the same situation.

There are no dramatic, sensational action scenes but Dearest is still a nervous, emotional journey through every moment. The film is a story tinged with tears and the dark colors of the unfortunate lives, bringing moments of deposition and humanity in the audience. 

Dearest (2014)/ Source https://fcine.net

In Conclusion

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes we are engrossed in money and other relationships and forget about the people who are most important to us, especially our mother. 

Top 5 movies about maternal love mentioned above will help you realize that still having a mother is the happiest thing ever.

Thank you for reading!

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