Top 6 Gambling OR Casino Superstitions Around the World

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“I want to know how to be successful in gambling” is a common statement we hear from some gamblers. It makes one think about special gambling superstitious rituals they need to perform to increase their chances of luck or make that day a lucky one for them. Gambling superstitions have been around as long as gambling. It also dates back to the history of gambling as special colors, numbers are termed to make someone luckier.

Our specialist on this post analyzes the different casino superstitions around the world. Alexander Nereng who is our expert here would tell us about the bad luck and good luck associated with superstitions. The question, “why am I so unlucky in gambling”? I sometimes would grudgingly want to ask myself when I am on a losing streak.

Gamblers generally feel more confident, powerful, secure, and positive when they carry out any of these rituals. Because of these reasons they make these superstitious beliefs an everyday habit. Here below is a list of superstitious beliefs that are believed and still practiced in casinos. Although most superstitions are more practiced in a typical land-based casino, others still apply to the online casinos especially popular Norway norske bettingsider, one of the top online casinos in Norway.

1. An Itchy Hand

Different regions have their own beliefs about having an itchy palm. Bulgarians believe that if you gamble with a right itchy palm, then it is a sign of bad luck. On the other hand, Serbians see a left itchy palm as a sign of good luck that you would soon receive some money.

2. Red is the lucky color

This superstitious belief is common in the Asian region. The Chinese believe that red is the lucky color for gambling because it represents wealth, luck, joy in the Chinese culture and it could replicate the same fortune in gambling. This has been adopted by gamblers too, they wear red-colored clothing as a belief that their chances of luck will greatly increase.

3. Lucky and Unlucky numbers

 Some numbers are considered to be the lucky ones and others unlucky. 7 and 13 are known by many. For some reason, the number 13 has been considered a number that brings bad luck. Many gamblers are always conscious of this and don’t wish to tempt their guts with the number 13. Number 7 is the exact opposite; it is known to symbolize prosperity and is considered a lucky number by many.

4. Don’t count your money at the table

A very strong superstitious belief among many casino players. It is typical among card players, they usually think counting your money on the table is unprofessional and rude therefore it should never be done.

5. Blowing the Dice

This is a common practice among many board players especially in the casino industry. The belief is that when a dice is blown before it is being thrown. It lands the needed number perfectly.

6. Avoid the front entrance

Many people believe that entering a casino through the front entrance hinders their chances of winning. Some others feel that entering through the front door does not bring fortune because of coming in contact with players that are leaving (probably due to a losing streak). So simply avoiding contact with bad luck and using an alternative entrance is the belief of some gamblers.


The truth is that there are many ways gamblers believe that they can increase their chances of winning and chase away bad luck. Superstitious belief should be associated with the gods of casino gambling. So whatever it is you feel you need to do for the gods to favor you. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and do it as far as they are not harmful. Have fun as you enjoy your favorite casino games.   

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