Top 7 trending Diplomas of 2020

Have you just graduated from high school and you’re wondering what field of study you should choose and what’s the best for you? Do you feel overwhelmed by many courses proposed by universities, whereas all your friends have already made a decision? You’re not alone! Everyone is faced with a similar dilemma on the very cusp of adulthood. What you need is to think about what you are interested in and what you’d like to do in the future. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is what career path will be profitable in a few years when you leave university.

That’s why your decision should be well-thought and made after detailed market research. Not only should you think over your interests, but also current trends ruling the labour market. If you want to have both a satisfying and lucrative job in the future, you sometimes need to sacrifice. Although some posts are appealing to you, they may require studying tough and dull subjects for many years. But you can survive that for the final result- obtaining a university diploma. These days, there are also lots of online courses you can join and complete as if you were going to a traditional college. To help you make this critical decision in your life, we’ll present you with some of the most popular diplomas of 2020.

  1. Data Science Diploma

One of such diplomas is Data Science Diploma. It’s a relatively new field of study, and not everyone knows about that. Data Science is, generally, the discipline dealing with structured and unstructured data analyzed with the usage of different methods, processes, and algorithms. So, if you’re a scientific mind, you can try your luck in this modern field. At present, more and more companies need reliable and well-qualified data scientists. So for sure, after graduating from university, you’ll quickly find a job in your profession.

  1. Engineering Diploma

Another compelling job, especially for men interested in designing and building different machines and structures, such as bridges, roads, vehicles, and buildings is engineering. There are many various kinds of engineering degrees. Among the most common, you can distinguish chemical, mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering. But to start studying this field, you should be prepared for learning a lot of science, maths, chemistry and similar subjects. However, if you’re persistent enough, your efforts will pay off. Why? Because with an engineering diploma at hand, you can earn even $98, 000 per year, and that’s only the salary for starters. Can you imagine a better beginning of your career?

  1. Computer Science Diploma

Just after engineering, the second-highest salary, equal to #59,100 per year, goes to students of Computer Science. That should convince you at once. This study will always be in high demand since our modern world has significantly become computerized, and now everything is revolving around the Internet that became a potent tool. The rapid changes in technological advances require many professional computer designers, web developers, programmers, and product managers. Thus, if you are crazy about computers, don’t waste your time and immediately enroll in that course.

  1. Business Diploma

However, for the undecided, there’s also a right solution. You may study business. This field will provide you with universal knowledge and skills which you’ll be able to use in different professions, such as finance, technology, marketing, consulting, or health care. You’ll learn how to analyze, manage projects and people, communicate with coworkers, and work under pressure. Even if you don’t use these abilities at work, they’ll be quite useful in your private life.

  1. Psychology Diploma

Instead, if you’re more of a humanist rather than an analytical mind, and you enjoy working and helping people, psychology seems perfect for you. Being a psychotherapist, you have many possibilities. For example, you can work independently in your own practice, or various other professional disciplines, including human services, criminal justice, marketing, or business. This profession is also well-paid and developing. Therefore, it’s ideal for ambitious people who desire to spread their knowledge continually. But simultaneously they should have nerves of steel, so no to be put off their stroke while listening to others’ personal problems.

  1. Education Diploma

For others who like working, but with kids, Education Diploma may be an excellent idea. 250, 000 primary schools in America are said to be established by the year 2020, which creates a lot of new workplaces for future elementary teachers. And these are the people responsible for children’s development, so their work is of utmost importance. Through helping kids to understand the surrounding world and people, they make their lives better.

  1. Design Diploma

The final proposition on this list is the Design Diploma. It’s something for people with a creative mind. And it doesn’t have to be only fashion design. Studying this field gives you the possibility of working, for example, as a graphic designer who can design companies’ logos, food packages, websites, or even books’ covers. You can also work in a newspaper as an advertising editor. So, how you use your skills is entirely up to you and your interests.

To conclude, deciding what you want to be can be a hard decision. But analyzing these ideas, they should ease your mind and show that there are many opportunities in front of you. Remember- only the sky is the limit!

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