Top Best Matches In The World Cup History

Each season of the World Cup brings different feelings to football fans. As the destination of the world’s most influential football teams, this tournament has never made audiences disappointed.
Only with the World Cup can we have an occasion to witness thrilling matches, outstanding performances, and spectacular shots. Together review the most beautiful moments in the World Cup history through top-level matches.

Brazil vs. Uruguay (1950)

In 1950, nearly 200,000 supporters were packed into the Maracanã stadium to watch the breathless match between Uruguay and Brazil.
Before the final match, having had home advantage and won many tournaments brought Brazil great confidence. As a result, at the 47th minute, Brazil made a fantastic attack and scored a goal.

That goal and the pressure created by 174,000 Brazilian fans couldn’t depress Uruguay. They made a brave effort to protect their goal before the sustained attacks of the home team.

At the 66th minute, an equalizer of the Uruguay team came as a complete surprise. This exciting football story did not stop there.

Only 13 minutes later, Ghiggia made the Maracana stadium dumbfounded when setting the final score of 2-1.

It is an excellent performance that helped Uruguay become the champion for the second time in the World Cup 1950.

England vs. West Germany (1966)

The match between England and Germany in 1966 is regarded as a classic competition in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Up to now, media and football fans around the world are still full of praise for this thrilling match. 

1966 was the first year when England become the host of the World Cup. The team of “the land of the rising sun” made good use of this opportunity to hold the trophy.

Right the 12th and 18th minutes of the match, each team kicked the ball into the opponent’s goal. 

The one-all draw maintained until the 78th minute when thousands of English supporters achieved perfect happiness. England seized the opportunity created by a mistake of Germany to score one more goal. 

However, the result did not stop there because Germany equalized 2-2 at the 89th minute. As a result, the two teams were forced to play extra time.

Only 10 minutes after the match went into extra time, Alan Ball took a firm shot into the crossbar; but the ball went out then. But after that, English footballers said that the ball crossed the line and that goal was counted. 

What a lucky day for England! The umpire decided to allow this goal that has been called a ghost goal to this day.

While West Germany was being busy with equalizing, Geoff Hurst shattered their hope by making a spectacular goal right at the last minute. 

The match ended with the score 4-2, which awarded the World Cup championship to England for the first time and the only time till now. 

Brazil vs. England (1970)

In the list of classic World Cup matches, Brazil is present quite often because it is considered one of the leading names in football. 

England just won the championship in the last season; therefore, they desired to continue to maintain their achievement. However, winning Brazil is never easy.

Football enthusiasts will never forget dramatic the moment made by the British goalkeeper Gordon Banks in the best match of World Cup history.

Immediately after getting the ball from his teammate, Pele gave a perfect header into the bottom left corner of England’s goal. But Gordon Banks quickly inclined towards the ball to prevent the first success of the Brazilian. 

Despite having a sparkling performance, the English goalkeeper could not defeat Jairzinho when he led the ball into the dangerous area and scored the only goal after 59 minutes of competing.

At that year, Brazil also won the tournament after defeating Italy with a score of 4-1 in the final.

Italy vs. West Germany (1970)

It can be said that 1970 was the year of historic matches. Apart from the impressive competition between Brazil and England, fans also went crazy about the stunning performance of Italy and West Germany in the semifinal.  

It has been regarded as the best match of the Italian team since this football team joined the World Cup. People often called it “the match of the century”.

When having gone into the match, Italy quickly got a goal right at several first minutes. The land of pizza maintained this result until the minute of 89. But a goal by Karl-Heinz Schnellinger in the 90th minute forced Italy and West Germany to play overtime. 

For 13 minutes, from the 98th to 111th minute, five goals were scored by Burgnich (Italy), Müller(Germany), Riva (Italy), and Rivera (Italy).

If Müller created a remarkable impression due to making the double, Gianni Rivera set the final score 4-3 of the match. 

After having experienced such an intense competition, Italy had the opportunity to face the most powerful team in that tournament – Brazil. 

Italy vs. Brazil (1982)

In the history of the World Cup, we cannot miss the legendary match between Brazil and Italy in 1982.

“Emotional” and “thrilling” are the two most adjectives that can be used to say about this final.

Italy had a striking start when their opening goal came early, particularly in the 5th minute.

Only seven minutes after that goal, Brazil equalized. At the 25th minute, Paolo Rossi once again helped Italy increase the score before Brazil brought the game back to the starting line when the second half came back for more than 20 minutes. 

The final score came when the match had around 10 minutes left. Paolo Rossi set up a hat-trick, claiming the ultimate victory for Italy.


The World Cup is where you can hunt for a host of exciting matches. Each of them leaves us with tremendous impressions.  

Thanks for reading our article. Hopefully, the information above gives you relaxed moments. For any contributions, please leave your comments below.

ed moments. For any contributions, please leave your comments below.

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