Top Differences Between Online and Physical Casinos

Some players opt and favour online casinos, while others stay classic and gamble offline. If you never played before and wonder which is the best option for you, read our article before making a choice. It’s very important to be aware of the most important differences between these two environments.


When it comes to accessibility, online casinos are more convenient. Before selecting an online operator to gamble at, make sure to visit, read our specialists reviews and learn more about this industry, responsible gambling and games. After that, note that you can use your mobile phone to play on the go, or you simply create an account online from the browser. Besides that, there isn’t any work schedule. That means that anyone can gamble at any hour, no matter if it is AM or PM. An online casino is available 24/24.

However, land-based casinos aren’t that convenient. As everyone has a busy schedule, it is harder to make time and go to the nearest offline operator, play slots or live table games. These locations function on fixed hours and are usually closed around 10:00 PM or faster. The work schedule depends on the casino, but it won’t be non-stop. That’s why an online gambling platform wins the accessibility criteria.

Bonuses and promotions

Land-based casinos do not offer bonuses or special promotions for their clients. It’s known that online casinos do that. Why? Because many players are interested in gambling, but have no idea how to play, and are afraid of risking/losing their money in seconds. Operators know this thing very well and want to introduce the casino world to newbies in the most friendly way – with a welcome package and other offers.

These offers can be activated when a gambler deposits a minimum sum of money or not. Besides the new player bonus, casinos implement other ones like extra money, free spins to try new or popular video slots or cashback offers. Our top recommendation for everyone who wants to get a bonus is to read the T&C until they understand them and ask the customer support different questions for supplementary classifications.

Payout Time

People find the payout time faster in an offline casino. That’s because you deposit instantly, and you withdraw in the same way. If you win something, you take the ticket out from the slot machine and go to the kiosk to take your money. This is hassle-free and easier to get your money.

Online casino clients deposit instantly but withdraw in a few hours or a few days according to what payment method they chose. Besides that, gamblers who did not pass the KYC (identity verification process) can not withdraw money until they provide the required documents to the website and get accepted.

Game Selection

Online casinos game selection is better than what’s in the land-based casinos. There are hundreds or even thousands of slots, classic or live table games online, while offline, the portfolio is more restrained. Apart from that, gamblers can play just as many games from their smartphone or tablets.

There are so many providers nowadays and so many different games that are worth anyone’s attention.

For as long as the online environment can promote and attract clients, it’s more profitable and easier for the providers to implement their top products and make themselves known.

If you play online, there is no need to wait for another player to free a game for you to play. Every slot is available whenever you want, and it can be played instantly. Another recommendation is to look after top providers’ games, like EGT, Microgaming, Netent, Pragmatic Play or iSoftBet because they are on the top of the market and associate their brands with legal casinos.

Additional Services

Online casinos can attract players by providing various services that are beneficial for their clients. For instance, they can create a loyalty programme/ VIP programme for those who want to play more often on their website. Usually, they gather more points and unlock special offers that may not have wagering requirements so they can unlock special tournaments with huge prizes.

Another better online service it’s represented by the support team. Online, players can be more responsible while gambling as they can impose fixed deposit limits or they can close/take a break from gambling if they consider it. Offline this is harder to manage, as you may lose the track of time and be bewitched by the games and jackpots that can be won.


If you like the thrill and the general atmosphere of the land-based casinos, then you have to gamble there or easily switch to the virtual environment and access the live table game selection. On the other hand, busy gamblers can open an online account and try their luck out there in just a few minutes.

Of course, there are many advantages for those who play online, starting with the special services like the VIP programmes to the best online bonuses that can make anyone’s experience pleasant. In the end, the decision to play offline is up to you! Make sure to pick up the right one, play responsibly and have fun while gambling!

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