Top Emulators to download from apps Ignition Store

Ignition app is a relatively new addition to the third-party app installers, offering modified apps and games, Cydia tweaks and more. It also offers a number of popular game emulators, once only available via Cydia and now, here for anyone to download without a jailbreak.

Top Emulators to download from Ignition Store:

Ignition app offers five cool emulator apps and we tested them all to make sure they work. They are all free and all very easy to download from Ignition Store.

  1. GBA4iOS

Released by Riley Testut for devices on iOS 9 or below, and offers support for Nintendo and Gameboy console gaming. It has a built-in browser to make finding and downloading games much easier, is a user-friendly app with fast download speeds, offers cloud hosting, easy sync and one-click access to all games, regardless of console. It is a customizable emulator, giving you control over your game maps and game controls, supports multiplayer online gaming, and is free use.


The name stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably and, as you might have guessed, it supports PlayStation gaming, including the PSP. It works on multiple devices although a minimum of 2 GB RAM will give you the best gaming experience. It is supported on iOS 10 or higher, works on multiple platforms, and supports one-click play for all console games. You can record your gameplay and share it, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, take advantage of cloud hosting for fast downloads, and choose games from retro classics right up to the latest modern offerings. It is completely free and does not require a jailbreak.

  1. Delta

Delta Emulator also comes from Riley Testut and is for iOS 10 or above – the follow-on from GBA4iOS if you like. It offers support for Nintendo 64, Gameboy/Advance/Color, NDS, NES, SNES, and Sega gaming. Cheat codes, external controllers and Airplay are all supported, along with WarioWare Twisted. Cloud hosting is available for fast downloads and game saves, there is split-screen support for the iPad, vibration mode and a series of customizable touch control skins. It is free to use and works on all iOS 10 or higher devices.

  1. iNDS

Another Nintendo emulator, iNDS offers an easy way to play games on your device. As well as having some of the more popular games included in the emulator, it also offers an easy way to download external game ROMS into iNDS. It supports all iOS versions, has auto-save and a search facility built-in, Dropbox support for syncing, plenty of in-app customizations to make the app your own and loads more cool features.

  1. NDS4iOS

Our final emulator from Ignition is called NDS4iOS, offering support for Nintendo gaming. Features include Dropbox synchronization support, fast download speeds, thousands of games already available and an easy way of installing external ROMS too. A simple search facility helps you find what you want easily and there are plenty of in-app customizations too. With save states, cloud hosting and more, this emulator gives you as near to a console experience as you will get with any other emulator. Like the others, it is free to use, legal and safe and needs no jailbreak to work.

How to Download From Ignition App:

Getting your hands on any of these emulators is dead simple. If you don’t have Ignition app on your device, download it from the official link:

  1. Open the Ignition app
  2. Tap the Emulators option
  3. Type the name of the emulator in the search box
  4. Tap the result and follow the on-screen instructions to download.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

When you install and try to use any of these apps, you will need to fix an untrusted developer error first:

  1. Open your iOS Settings and go to General>Profiles
  2. Tap the developer/game name in the list and tap the Trust button
  3. Now you can use the emulator.

This is one of the easiest ways to get your favorite game emulators without having to jailbreak your device. All of them are safe to use, legal and don’t need a jailbreak. Try Ignition app for yourself and see just how easy it is and don’t forget to share this with your friends and followers.

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