Top Instagram Accounts That Tell You the Reality of Motherhood

Even though you know parenting is a path that countless people have traveled on, sometimes it can get somewhat lonesome. Sure, you have family and friends to lean on during those difficult days, but when they are simply not enough,

you can turn to the Instagram accounts of real-life mothers who have shared their parenting journeys in all their different dimensions, right from overcoming challenges to the impressive highs that are an integral part of contemporary motherhood.

Regardless of the style, you adopt for parenting or your interests, here are some Instagram accounts you can follow that tell the story of parenting openly and honestly:

A Little Bit of Lacquer

The mother responsible for A Little Bit of Lacquer is Laura Scott M.D., a dermatology resident and a parent to three girls who manage to convert the art of parenting from the impossible to the highly-achievable and also enjoyable. If you were wondering about her account tagline, “everyday inspiration from a mother and a doctor,” it is exactly what you will discover that she delivers. You will have great fun reading about the fun she has with her daughters and husband, also a doctor in her everyday life in Miami, including the challenges she faced when attempting to get through medical school with young kids, and much more.

At Home with Natalie

Natalie Lesnefsky, the inspiration behind At Home with Natalie, is not only a blogger on lifestyle and DIY issues but a mother of five. Her specialty is epic yet straightforward party planning that people have been bowled over. She has the unique gift of being able to transform store-bought stuff like snacks, cookies, and cakes into fabulous party attractions that kids can’t seem to get enough of.

When you are a harried mom getting hyper at the thought of having to throw a party for your little one, you can turn to her Instagram account and get yourself to believe that you can not only do the impossible but retain your sanity too.

Baby Boy Bakery

The origins of Baby Boy Bakery are rooted in tragedy. Just months after Jacqui-Saldana got married, the couple lost their son Ryan, then a three-year-old in an accident. While Baby Boy Bakery started full of mommy tips and how to do fun crafts, it evolved soon after that into a blog that focused on how people can learn to live and even love after facing terrible loss and sorrow. She has also revealed the details of a miscarriage that she suffered after that.

Her bog is an excellent source of inspiration for people who may or may not have ever faced adversity of the dimensions that overtook Saldana’s life. You too, can start writing on the issues that you face as a mom. All you need are some great ideas and some engagement with likes bought from

Brittany Robertson

You would ever think that a country lass and mother of three would be an excellent source of advice on beauty as well as affordable fashion. However, Brittany Robertson not only does that with great élan but also offers candid insights regarding all aspects of motherhood drawn from her own experience of bringing up her delightful family.

According to, you don’t have to show yourself as a model mother because the reality is quite different from what many picture-perfect posts would have you believe.

Cat and Nat

The duo of Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer has nothing less than seven kids in their families, which is ample proof of their mothering skills. The Toronto-based hilarious duo talks about many things that other moms are reluctant to admit, and usually, they are spot-on with their assessment.

The issues that mothers face range from tackling anxiety on the first day of school, vowing not to lose temper to the problems that moms have in making new friends, and more. According to them, if you are a mother who seems to be perpetually behind all the current trends, then you are not the only one.

Juggling the Jenkins

This popular Instagram blog is the brainchild of Tiffany Jenkins, who specializes in making and posting videos about mothering and child management that are bang on. While the posts are downright hilarious, you would love to view repeatedly and share, Juggling the Jenkins isn’t only about making you laugh.

You will find very insightful pieces on various mental health issues and the many problems she encountered while recovering from drug addiction. Tiffany is candid about the value of advice offered by people – don’t listen to anyone and do your own thing if that’s what you feel is right after bouncing your ideas off someone whom you can trust.


There is no end to the Instagram accounts dedicated to mothering tips. It can be great fun going through some of them, and you will discover excellent advice on many of them that you can use to make your life and relationships with your children more comfortable.