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Top Technology Tools and Trends for Realtors

The real estate business is very competitive. You could even say it’s a tough business that’s not for the weak-hearted. Because of this, any real estate agent who is serious about their job needs to have a solid plan for marketing. According to statistics around 93% of marketers are opting for digital when it comes to real estate marketing.

As a Realtor, it’s important to make yourself stand out from other Realtors. In the end, every real estate agent in any market is selling the same thing: residences or plots. How well you do in your market will depend on what makes you different from other real estate agents. Marketing has changed a lot from the old days. With a single click of a button, you’ll be able to reach hundreds of potential customers in your target area. With the right set of tools and marketing trends, you will achieve your goals easily.

If you are looking for some of the amazing tools and trends that will level up your real estate marketing efforts, you are in the right place. Because today, you are going to discover various methods that will help you achieve your goals in the real estate business. Let’s get started.

1. Social Media

Social media has been very powerful in the last few years to promote any service or brand online. Especially Social Networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are very helpful to promote your real estate services. The world can see your Real estate ad and reach out to you to potentially close the deal.

Social media is not only excellent for posting your personal things but also for making your brand visible to your potential customers. Being visible on Social media not only helps you to reach out to potential customers online to buy or sell their homes. You can also follow other marketers on social media and copy their marketing strategies to achieve your own targets.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is perfect for nurturing potential buyers and sellers. It is obvious that buying and selling homes is a huge decision for your clients. It may take months or years to take a leap and contact the realtor. You can email marketing to target potential homeowners or would-be owners to contact you when they are ready with their decision.

With Email unlike other mediums such as Socia Media, you can have full control over when they can see and at what time. Moreover, email marketing feels more intimate. You can reach out to every demographic type of user with Email marketing because Everyone uses email.

3. Real estate startups

The Internet has become a wonderful destination for marketers to debut and promote various products and services in front of billions of internet users. Top real estate tech startups such as Zillow and Trulia are excellent resources for Realtors to integrate into their businesses to achieve higher results.

Some of these online startups are not only excellent sources to find and list properties to target buyers that are about to expire. It’s not sufficient to post your Ad on a simple MLS system is not good enough you need to make use of these nationwide websites to reach out to out-of-state buyers.

4. Video Advertising

As a real estate marketer, your main job is to sell. With Real estate marketing, you’re not selling a home, you are selling a lifestyle. By posting a simple home pic online or through classified sites doesn’t generate an emotion to inspire the prospective homeowner to buy the property. You need need to market the product visually attracting.

With Video advertising, you can sell a lifestyle. Video advertising is also helpful for realtors to sell homes in developing communities where they will be having a lot of amenities cush as golf course memberships, pool facilities, homeowners associations,s, etc. Videos create that special emotion that your potential customers can pay attention to.

5. Word of Mouth advertising

This is one of the most powerful and effective methods to reach out to new clients. Because there is nothing like a satisfied customer. Every satisfied customer will refer 2-3 new prospective home buyers whom you want to sell.

Though it lacks the technical element, It adds a human touch to it. After all, we are all targeting human beings who want to buy or sell their homes. It is a good idea to make them feel special by sending birthday greetings, thank you cards, etc so that they can feel special and remember your services.

6. Networking with Realtors

It is always a good idea to be in touch with like-minded people. There are some local networking associations that are very useful for Realtors to exchange their ideas. Locka organizations such as REIA will be local to many areas throughout the US.

Try to join local Realtors meet up where everyone can exchange their marketing ideas and also useful to find potential buyers for properties that are pending for a long. Don’t be afraid of meeting and collaborating with other realtors. As they can be seen as a competition, they can help you sell a long-standing home that you want to sell.

Even though some of these methods look familiar to you because marketing for Realtors has not changed much except the Social media marketing with a bit of Local networking and Word-of-Mouth advertising.

While Social media marketing methods for Realtors can level up the results they get when they use these nontechnical methods in combination. Good luck with your real estate marketing.

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