Torbox Proxy | List of Unblocked Torbox Proxies and Mirror Sites

Torbox is an amazing torrent search engine from which you can download new Movies, TV Shows, Ebooks, Games, Software and more for free.  The famous search engine shows all items found but only list the items only near to you. There are rare chances that it doesn’t give you relevant results. Besides, the torrents you download from this site will be much faster than any other torrent site. That is why if you are looking to get free torrents at a faster speed, you should definitely visit Torbox.

To use Torbox is extremely easy. Most of the times it will never disappoint you with the search results. Every torrent file is verified and checked by its staff and users. So, you can confidently go ahead and download the torrent files without any hesitation. Thousands of users visit Torbox on the daily basis to download content for free. All you need to have is a torrent client like uTorrent installed on your pc.


However, from the last few days, many users are facing problem in accessing the site when they try to access Torbox using its URL That is due to the fact these torrent sharing sites are blocked by many ISPs across the world. Because they don’t think the nature of serving files is ethical. So, If you are a regular user of Torox and wondered why Torbox is not working for you, here I will be providing you with few awesome tricks to unblock Torbox with the help Torbox Proxy/Mirror sites. Let’s follow the paragraphs below.

is Torbox Down Right Now?

First, before I can proceed further and start using the Torbox proxy/Mirror sites, let us know whether the site is up? As you can see in the picture below. Currently, the site is down for everyone. The last time it was down for more than a week. So, the site may not work for you.

torbox is down

If the site is up and running at your end you can just use small tools below to unblock access to Torbox. If it down for you too, then use one of the Torbox Proxy/Mirror sites that I provided in the table below.

How to Unblock Torbox

If the main site is up and running but blocked for you. then use the following tools to unblock torbox for you.

TOR (The Onion Router) is a group of individual computers connected to the internet which helps us in anonymous communication. That means you can use this browser and unblock any restricted website safely.

Download TOR Browser


The proxy site doesn’t come with security. They can be tracked easily. Whereas VPN doesn’t leak personal information. VPN comes with a more secure encryption method. Some of the popular VPN include Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, Express VPN, and Pure VPN etc.

List of Top 7 Best VPN that you can try now

The List of Torbox Proxy/Mirror Sites

Torbox was permanently down and now redirects to popular torrent site The site now acting as a Piratebay mirror. The torrent search engnine provided by Torbox in the past now seems to be gone forever. In the meanwhile, you can check these Torbox alternatives below to download your favorite content for free.


Torbox Alternatives

Torbox Alternatives

2ISO Hunt
4Seed Peer
5Torrent Funk
7Lime Torrents
16Kickass Torrents
17The Pirate Bay
18Yify Movies
19DIVX Total

Attention: Your ISP may track your torrents history. It is illegal to use torrent sharing sites that distribute copyright content. So, to be safe from yourself please use a VPN while browsing torrent sites.

Over to you

with this, I am concluding this article on how to browse Torbox by using Torbox Proxy/Mirrors and Torbox alternatives. I hope it was helpful.

I have tried my best to provide you torbox alternatives in the table above. Let me know what do you think of this article in the article.

Please bookmark this article as we will keep updating this article with the latest Torbox information as we find them. Thanks for reading.

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