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TorrentKing is an amazing torrent search engine similar to BTDigg torrents. The site discovers new files through DHT and tries to match it with a relevant movie. This amazing site has over 500k Movies to download and 70000 movies to watch online. it provides Premium movies, TV Series for free to its users. If you are a regular user of this site you can download these stuff in HD quality. However, from the last few days, many users are facing a problem accessing the site. That is due to strict internet rules forced on these torrent sites.

If you are a regular user of TorrentKing and too stubborn with it, you may not find any alternatives to TorrentKing. All you need is TorrentKing Proxy and Mirror sites to unblock your favorite torrent site. That’s why I have gathered a list of TorrentKing Proxy and Mirror sites for you beow. Enjoy!

The List of TorrentKing Proxy/Mirrors

These TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror sites are the clones of the original domain The torrenting Proxy/Mirror sites will have the same design, Torrents, and updates as the original domain, just on a different domain. So, If you are unable to browse torrenting at any time you can simply use one of these TorrentKing Proxy sites below to unblock it.

Torrentking Proxy/Mirrors

Website URL

Torrentking.eu mirror unblock unlocked
TorrentKing US Proxy
Unblock Torrentking.eu
TorrentKing Proxy Mirror UK Proxy unblocked proxy
Torrentking Alternatives

These TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror sites are tested every hour for the availability and speed. The list of torrenting proxy sites is 100% working. you can confidently go ahead and browse these sites.

[sc name=”ipfind”]

Once the VPN is installed, Just navigate one of the TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror sites then it will spontaneously unblock the site for you. So, you do not need to worry for not been able to access the original site as you are just getting the same torrents anyway. I hope this list of sites like TorrentKing helped you.

How to Unblock TorrentKing

There are various ways you can employ to unblock TorrentKing when it is blocked by your ISP on Government orders. Among them below are the most recommended ones.

TOR Browser

TOR is a private network of individual computers connected to each other to browse internet anonymously. You can use the TOR Browser to unblock any geo-restricted websites like Desitorrents easily. To unblock Desitorrents, Just type in the URL in the browser address bar and click on Enter.

Download TOR Browser

Web Proxy

The first thing that comes to our mind when to access any blocked site is a third web Proxy and the VPN apps. However, the proxy sites don’t provide you the security and slow down your internet connection sometimes. They might also have malicious scripts that can really harmful for your computer.

Unblock via VPN

VPN is a more secure way of browsing torrent sites. The VPN is not only unblocks blocked sites also at the same time it provides extra security while browsing these sites.

List of Top 7 Best VPN Apps to Use in 2019

Final Words

That’s the end of How you can Unblock TorrentKing by means of TorrentKing Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think of this list? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

Books TorrentKing Proxy/Mirrors page  by Clicking on Ctrl+D as we will keep adding more and more TorrentKing Proxy/mirror sites as we find them. In the meanwhile, if you have any working TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror sites please share them here.

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