TorrentRoom proxy | List of Unblocked TorrentRoom Mirror Sites

TorrentRoom is an amazing torrent site. The site used to provide verified torrents for downloading Movies and TV Shows from different categories. It’s sleek interface make it very easy for everyone to get the desired content they want. All torrents are verified by its staff for quality, speed, and authenticity. So, You can go ahead confidently and download the torrents without any problem.

Often, the site referred as the ocean of movies. And thousands of users visit this site on a daily basis to download free content from TorrentRoom.  However, lately, the site has to face heat from various media companies, internet organizations, and governments. Hence, the site has been banned by many ISPs across the world. TorrentRoom is currently blocked in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, to name a few.

Torrentroom proxy | List of unblocked torrentroom mirror sites 2018

So, If you are among them and frustrated by why TorrentRoom is not working for you, I will provide you the solution today. If you can adjust and with popular torrent sites, then I suggest you check out our list of best torrent sites where we have featured top 10 torrent sites with the highest number of verified torrents. However, if you are too stubborn and looking to access TorrentRoom. I will provide you the solution in this article.

Why TorrentRoom is not working?

So, You must be aware that how torrent sites are tormented in recent times due to strict internet rules. The biggest torrents sites like Kickass, The Pirate Bay, and Extratorrents etc all have faced the ban. Sadly, TorrentRoom too couldn’t save itself from the ire of ISPs. However, the site owners are quick enough to come up with TorrentRoom Proxy/Mirror sites as an alternate way to unblock TorrentRoom.

These Proxy sites are simply the clones of the original site and host the same torrents, library, and database as TorrentRoom, just on a different domain. Furthermore, TorrentRoom Proxy/Mirror sites are absolutely safe to use and provide a viable solution to bypass geo restrictions.

However, the ISPs still track your browsing activity. It can be a real problem if you are using the pirated content. So, I suggest you use a TOR Browser or a VPN while using the TorrentRoom Proxy and Mirror sites that I have provided below.

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Torrentroom proxy/Mirror sites

Torrentroom Proxy / MirrorURL
Unblock Torrentroom
Torrentroom AlternativesTorrents Proxy
Torrentroom Proxy 1
Torrentroom Proxy 2
Torrentroom Proxy 3
Torrentroom Proxy 4
Torrentroom Proxy 5
Torrentroom UK Proxy
Torrentroom Mirrors
Torrrentroom Unblocked

How to download Torrentroom movies safely?

Step#1: Enable VPN in your Computer or Use the TOR Browser

Step#2: Click any of the TorrentRoom Proxy/Mirror sites above

Step#3: On the homepage, you will find a lot of content like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Latest series

Step#4: Search for Movie or navigate to the file manually and click on the download button

Step#5: The torrent file of your choice will be downloaded to your computer. Open it with the uTorrent client and that’s it.

This way your identity will be hidden and you can safely browse the torrents.

Over to You

With this, I am concluding this article on how to unblock TorrentRoom with the help TorrentRoom Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

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