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is Torrentus blocked? Can’t access torrentus in your network? Are you looking for Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites to unblock Torrentus? well, you are in the right place. Torrentus is a unique torrent site which provides users with free movies, TV Shows, Ebooks, Games, and Software etc. without any ads. The site gathers all torrents databases into one place for easy access. What I like the most about this site is it update frequently with new content for users. So, they do not need to look elsewhere. Moreover, every torrent on the site is very active and verified by its staff.

If you are a regular user of torrents, you must have heard of Torrentus already. Functionality wise this one of top-notch torrent websites out there. As it combines results from 42 torrent databases and offers you the result. All the torrents are safe, so you can confidently go ahead and download your favorite movie or TV show without any problem. Thousands of users visit this site on daily basis to download free stuff. All you need to have is a BitTorrent client installed on your personal computer.

torrentus proxy and mirror sites

However, from the past few days, many users are complaining that they are unable to browse Torrentus torrents. This is because the internet laws being forced onto this kind of sites. So, If you are frustrated by why this is not working for you, do not lose hope. As I will be providing you with a list of simple tricks that will help you to unblock Torrentus torrents. These tricks don’t require any script, tools, or install anything on your pc. Please follow the steps below.

is Torrentus Down Right Now?

Currently, The is parked. And not working. It seems the domain was discontinued for a long time. That due to various country restrictions and ISPs have blocked it.

Torrentus Proxy

In this case, we will need to have Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites in hand. in case, the torrentus is working for you, you can follow the steps below. else, please skip to the table for the list of Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites.

How to Unblock Torrentus

If the main site is up and running but blocked by your ISP/Government/School, then simply follow the steps below to unblock torrentus torrents.

TOR Browser

TOR is a group of individual computers connected on the internet. It is completely free to use and allows you to surf the web anonymously. So, If there is any IP level restrictions are there you can simply use the TOR browser to evade the restrictions.

Web Proxy

This is the easiest way to hide your IP. Web Proxy is a website with an address bar. Just input the blocked URL in the address bar and Click Surf. Then it will quickly unblock the site for you. Here’s a list of 100+ Best Proxy Sites if you want to use.

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Unblock via VPN

As far as functionality is concerned VPN works just like a proxy but it is more secure. So, If you are employing these simple tools I would recommend you to use a VPN to unblock sites or to keep your internet life safe.

Here’s a List of Top 7 Best VPN to Unblock Websites, Apps, Services

The List of Torrentus Proxy/Mirror Sites

The Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites are the clones of the main site hosted in countries where torrentus is not blocked yet. So, If you are unable to browse torrentus via its main domain, you will always be able to access it by using the proxy sites below.

Torrentus Proxy/Mirror

Torrentus Proxy URL

Torrentus Proxy -1
Torrentus Proxy -2
Torrentus Proxy -3
Torrentus Proxy -4
Torrentus Proxy -5
Torrentus Proxy -6
Torrentus Proxy -7
Unblock Proxy of torrentus.to
Torrentus Mirror
Unblock Torrentus
TorrentUs Alternatives
Proxy for Torrentus
http://www.unblockaccess.comUnblock Torrentus
Torrentus UK Proxy
TorrentUs Proxy Mirror

Please bookmark this article as we will be adding more and more new Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites as we find them. In the meanwhile, if you know any Torrentus Proxy that we missed here, please post them below in the comments.

Attention: Your ISP may track your torrents history. It is illegal to use Torrent sharing sites in some countries. So, I recommend you use a VPN while browsing any torrent sites to keep yourself safe.

How to Browse Torrentus Safely

Step1: Download and Install a VPN from the list that I shared here

Step2: Once the VPN is installed, Connect to the Internet and Open any one of the Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites I have provided in the table

Step3: It will quickly unblock Torrentus and take you to the home page of Torrentus

Step4: Now you can select a movie by searching or browsing through categories and add them to uTorrent.

Over to you

With this, I am concluding this article on how to unblock Torrentus by means of Torrentus Proxy/Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

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