3 Highly Effective Ways to Track Your Child’s Phone without Them Knowing

What is the best way to know what your child is going through? It’s by establishing an unbreakable bond that paves the way for the whole truth. Well, when the kids are young, that is possible to keep, but something happens when they enter teenage hood.

The moods and attitude kick in and that’s how they start going silent. Later, when they learn how their friends are cooler than you, you become the old school parent. That is where you realize the need to track those kids.

To discreetly prove that you are not old school, we are here to teach you something. You can track your child’s phone without them knowing using three highly effective ways. Which are those ways? Keep reading to see them and how you can utilize them to your benefit.

Part 1: Track Your Child’s Phone with Cocospy Solution

One of the ways you can track your kid’s phone is by using the Cocospy monitoring application. Since you don’t want them to know that you already have a third eye, Cocospy will help you with that.

This is an app that has already helped millions of parents in more than 190 countries to track their kids. That means there is something they saw in Cocospy that was not available in most of the advertised tracking tools.

This is an app that uses stealth mode to hide while tracking the child’s phone. So, after setting it up, your child will have no clue what mom/dad did with the phone. Next, it uncovers a lot of stinking secrets your kid has been hiding all along.

You get to track who they are calling, texting, all social media activities, real-time location, photos, videos, etc. You need to check the Clickfree site for more information about the features. You will be amazed by what Cocospy can uncover.

Cocospy can track both Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreak. It’s, therefore, easy and faster to set up. In Android, you need to install Cocospy once on the child’s phone. That should happen when they are not around if it’s not the best idea to introduce.

After the one-time installation, tracking is done online. That means you will not need the targeted phone again. In iOS, Cocospy only needs the child’s iCloud credentials to track the iPhone or iPad. No download or installation is required.

In both phone platforms, you view the results online. Cocospy has a user-friendly dashboard that you can access via your established account. It’s compatible with all browsers, which means you can use any device to check the updates.

Whatever you see via your account is confidential information. Cocospy does not store the fetched data in its cloud. It only uses it to display the information on the dashboard. So, even the support team cannot retrieve the data you get from your kid’s phone.

It’s now time to learn how to track your child’s phone without them knowing using Cocospy application.

How to Start Tracking Child’s Phone Using Cocospy

Step 1: For Android, make sure you have the phone to install Cocospy once. The device should have OS version 4.0 or later. For iOS, get the iCloud ID. The iPhone/iPad needs iOS version 7.0 or later.

Step 2: Register an account via the Cocospy website. Next, choose the child’s phone OS to continue.

Step 3: Select the best tracking plan and proceed to make the payment. You will then get a confirmation email with the login details, receipt, and the setup guidelines. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 4: For Android, use the sent link to install Cocospy on your kid’s phone. Make sure you activate the ‘Hide Application’ option. After that, finish up the installation and login to your account remotely.

Step 5: In iOS, after the confirmation email, login to your account and verify the child’s iCloud credentials. Next, choose the device you want to track and wait for the synchronization.

Step 6: After re-accessing your account, you will find the dashboard with all the features you need on the left.

Click on each to track the progress on all phone activities. For location tracking, use the Location feature to tell you the exact location.

You will also see a history of the previously visited places.

Part 2: Track Child’s Phone with Spyic

Another effective way to track your child’s phone without many hurdles is using the Spyic solution. This is another app that has helped millions of users across the globe.

Spyic does not reveal itself during the tracking session. It also comes with the stealth/hidden mode feature to keep the children in the dark. You can use it to track both Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreaking.

With Spyic, you can see the exact kid’s location and also see a history of other previously visited places. Spyic also has the Geofencing feature to restrict the movements and get alerts.

Other things you can track include the calls, SMS, contacts, photos, videos, and social media among other phone activities. After the setup, Spyic allows you to track the child’s phone activities remotely.

You only need to login to your account using any internet-enabled device to check on the updates. For more information about Spyic, check out the main website.

Part 3: Norton Family Parental Control

The last one on the list is another way that actually says everything by just reading the name. Norton Family Parental Control can help you track and even block some things. After its installation, you can follow up on the kid’s location without their knowledge.

Other activities to track here include web history, YouTube, and installed apps. You can also use it to block visited websites and unwanted applications. Norton is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.


Now, you already have three practical ways to track your child’s phone without them knowing. Since it’s not easy telling your kid that you will be tracking them, that’s why we have the silent solutions.

For the best recommendation, try Cocospy and see what it can do. Since it has a stealth mode, your child will never be aware of its presence. Lastly, it will deliver all the information you need in real-time no matter where you are.

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