TutuApp Android and iOS Download Tutorial 2020

TutuApp is The number one third-party app installer in the world and there’s a good reason for that. Packed with tweaked apps, emulators and games, Cydia tweaks and other cool content, it’s all for free and it works on both iOS and Android devices. Read on to find out how to install TutuApp on your device.

How to Download TutuApp:

TutuApp works on iOS and Android so pick your platform and follow the steps. This does not require you to jailbreak your iOS device.

Method 1: iOS

  1. Download the TutuApp Configuration profile onto your device from the official site
  2. Tap Allow on the popup window
  3. On the Install Profile window, tap Install and input your device passcode when asked
  4. Tap Install and wait
  5. When you see TutuApp on your home screen, don’t open it
  6. Open Settings, tap General>Profiles
  7. Tap and Trust the TutuApp profile
  8. Now you can use it

Method 2: Android

This requires you to download the APK to your device:

  1. Open Android Settings > Security
  2. Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Download the APK onto your device
  4. Find the file in Downloads and Tap to install it
  5. When the icon is on your home screen, TutuApp is ready for use

How to Use TutuApp

Using TutuApp is quite simple:

  • Open the app and choose a category
  • Search for the app or game you want and tap it
  • Tap Install and wait – the app will be installed to your device

Fixing TutuApp Errors

While TutuApp is a popular installer, we do hear of some common installation errors. These are detailed here with their solutions:

iOS Errors

Blank/White Screen

A common error, this is simple to fix:

  1. Open iOS Settings>Safari
  2. Tap clear em Data
  3. The screen should be normal

Unable to Verify App

The app source must be verified; here’s to how to do that:

  1. Delete TutuApp and reinstall it
  2. Tap Settings>General>Profiles
  3. Trust/Verify the TutuApp profile
  4. Close Settings, TutuApp should work.

TutuApp System Error

Another easy problem to resolve:

  1. Delete and then reinstall TutuApp
  2. Turn your device off and then power it on again
  3. Open TutuApp and go to the Settings
  4. If there are any updates, install them and the app will now work

Cannot Download/Greyed-Out Icon

This is one of the most common errors and is likely because you already have TutuApp on your device and there is a conflict:

  1. Delete TutuApp entirely from your device
  2. Reboot your device and download TutuApp again – it should now work

Profile Installation Failed

The most likely cause of this is that Apple’s servers are struggling with a high traffic load. Wait a while and try again. If you still get the error, try these steps:

  1. Enable Airplane mode
  2. Open Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data
  3. Tap Clear History and Data and close Settings
  4. Disable Airplane mode and wait for a couple of minutes
  5. Try installing TutuApp and it should now work

Untrusted Developer Error

When you get the error message, note the developer name and tap Cancel

  1. Open Settings>General>Profiles
  2. Trust the developer profile
  3. You should no longer get the error

Android Errors

App Stopped Working

The commonest Android error with several potential fixes; start with the first and continue until you find one that resolves the error for you:

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

This works for the majority of users:

  1. Launch Android Settings>Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap All Apps>Reset App Preferences
  3. Tap Reset Now and it should all work again

If not:

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Open Settings>App
  2. Tap System Apps>Package Installer
  3. Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data in turn (Android 6.0 users should look under Storage)
  4. TutuApp should now work

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This should be done before you try to install any unofficial content:

  1. Open Settings>Security
  2. Tap to enable Unknown Sources

TutuApp should now work. If not, you should delete it and then install it again, making sure Unknown Sources is still enabled.

App Not Installed Error

Another common error, fixing it is simple:

Method 1: Clear Package Installer Data and Cache:

  1. Open Settings>Apps
  2. Tap System Apps>Package Installer (Under Storage for Marshmallow 6.0 users)
  3. Tap on Clear Data and then Clear Cache

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Open Settings>Security
  2. Enable Unknown Sources
  3. If the app still doesn’t work, delete and then install it again – keep the option enabled

Method 3: Rooted Devices

  1. Open the browser on your rooted device and download a good root explorer app
  2. Open it and copy the APK
  3. Open System>Apps and make sure permissions are enabled for it
  4. TutuApp should now work

TutuApp is free to install with the option of a premium app as well. Try it and share this among your friends and followers.

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