TVZion is No More – Here Are Some of the Best Alternatives

TVZion used to be one of the amazing streaming services Apk that has a huge catalog of HD Movies, Television Shows, and other video content. It allows users to stream movies and TV shows on their mobile devices without buffering. but unfortunately, the team behind this app was served a notice to stop the illegal streaming of movies and other pirated content.

After a lot of struggles, TVZion has to give up on their App including all of their domains where TVZion content is hosted. The team has posted a message on their official now-defunct website that they have closed the App in an effort to protect the moderators.

While this is unquestionably sad news for TVZion App users, all hope isn’t lost. There are numerous TVZion alternatives you can use, with similar—or even better—features. But, finding the right alternatives can be a huge problem. To save you from this headache, we’ve curated some of the best TVZion alternatives below that are still available today. Many of these are available for free and offer a variety of features that can enhance your movie-viewing experience.

TVZion Alternatives

These TVZion Alternatives provided below probably have better features, collections of movies, and UI than sites like TVZion below. Please do check these TVZIon Alternatives and replace TVZion with the options below.

1. Kodi

Kodi is undeniably one of the most popular streaming platforms right now. With Kodi, you can easily stream movies and TV Shows without much hassle on your part. Kodi itself doesn’t actually have any content; you need to install add-ons, which will be the ones to search for and access films and shows. These programs will look through the web for links that can then be used for streaming.


What’s more, with Kodi, you ask me? By using a new skin, you can change the look of Kodi, or install the PVR addon to watch and record your favorite tv shows. You can stream your favorite internet radio station and control it all with your web browser or mobile phone. This and so much more are all possible and easy with Kodi.

Official website:

2. Stremio

Stremio is another streaming platform that is a huge alternative to TVZion due to its simple UI and functionality. It allows you to install third-party addons for more streaming and take user experience to the next level. Similar to TVZion you can stream various categories such as TV shows, movies, sports, live TV, music, and more.

Stremio works on all devices – be it a phone, tablet, or TV with a single click.  You can track what you’ve watched on the platform using Stream. The quality is great, it supports streaming of movies directly from torrent websites in 4k video quality. It is definitely one of the great alternatives to TVZion and worth checking out.

Official website:

3. TeaTV

TeaTV is another platform that provides endless movies and TV Shows to its users without a single penny. All the content available on the platform is of high quality and supports large screen devices without compromising on the quality.

With this movie streaming Apk, you’ve access to reviews so that you know beforehand if a particular show or film is something up your alley. There are also details about upcoming movies that you may be interested in. There are plenty of options in the application that are enough to keep you entertained for a long period of time.

Official website:

4. CinemaHD

Cinema Hd is another popular TVZion alternative where you can stream unlimited free content without paying a dime. It’s slowly gaining popularity among the masses. It has a complete library of Movies and TV Shows and works extremely fast on nearly any device.

With integration with Real-debrid and, Cinema HD will take the streaming experience to the top-notch level. All movies and TV shows you csn watch in 1080p high quality. the only drawback is that it does have a lot of ads.

Official website:

5. Syncler

Syncler is a relatively new alternative to TVZion but has already amassed popularity among the core-cutting community. The app and the functionality look similar to TVZion, now shutdown. It works similar to Kodi and stremio in the sense that it requires third-party add-ons to enjoy the true experience of movies and TV shows. Even though the app requires Real-Debrid for use, you will be impressed at the number of quality links that populate.

The app is available to download on Google play store and iTunes for Mac devices. Another beautiful feature it holds is that you search movies through voice search. again it’s a useful feature for many.

Official website:

While it’s unfortunate to see TVZion is shutdown, there are so many available alternatives to TVZion that can offer the same features, if not better. There are more options out there if these alternatives if TVZion is not working for you.