List of Awesome TweakBox Apps You must try

TweakBox is one of the most popular of all the third-party app installers. Originally designed as an alternative to Cydia, now millions of people use it across the world as an alternative to the iOS app store. With several thousand apps and games, you get the choice of modified and tweaked content, some Cydia tweaks, and lots of other content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Awesome TweakBox Apps

There are far too many cool apps in TweakBox to mention them all but these are some of the coolest and most downloaded apps in the installer:

  1. Unc0ver Jailbreak

Yes, a jailbreak. Using Tweakbox is the safest way of installing the Uncover jailbreak on your iPhone and iPad, provided you are on iOS 11 or above. It is a reliable jailbreak, user-friendly, and includes built-in protection against app certificate revokes. It is a safe jailbreak to use but is semi-untethered, which means you need to reactivate whenever you reboot your device.

  1. iTransmission

iTransmission is a cool app that makes downloading torrent files directly to your device very easy. No longer do you need to use your computer to get these files on your iPhone or iPad and you get the choice of Wi-Fi or data for downloading. You can see information about your torrents at a glance and all torrents are stored in a file on your device. It is very simple to use and is completely free.

  1. GBA4iOS

If its game emulators you are looking for, GBA4iOS is the perfect choice. It supports console gaming for Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games and includes plenty of choice. And if you can’t find your favorite game, use the built-in browser to find and download it. It is a user-friendly app, easy to use and packed with cool features.

  1. Filza

Filza is one of the most popular file management apps, offering access to your file system that Apple won’t allow. You can see all your file types, move them about, easily download .dmg and .deb files, and many more cool features. This is the only app you will ever need for full management of your iOS file system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked quite a few questions about TweakBox and these are some of the popular ones answered for you.

Will Installing TweakBox Void my Device Warranty?

No. Because you are not jailbreaking your device, you are not breaking Apple’s security rules, nor are you hacking into the iOS system. However, where you might all down is if you use the Cydia tweaks included in the installer. You can easily delete these from your device if you have need to visit an Apple store with your device and then reinstall them later.

How Safe is TweakBox?

Very safe, so long as you only use the official developer link to download the app. If you choose to download from an unofficial source, you run the risk of introducing malware, viruses, and other unsavory thins onto your device. Plus, the developers update it regularly so you must install those updates to keep the app safe.

Can I Uninstall it From My Device?

Yes, you can. If, for some reason, you decide you no longer want TweakBox, or there is an error that requires you to remove it, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Find and long-hold the app icon on your home screen
  2. Wait until it starts to wiggle and then tap on the small cross in the top-right corner of the icon
  3. Tap Delete on the popup message and TweakBox is deleted.

Can I Use TweakBox on a Laptop or PC?

Yes, you can but you need an Android emulator to do it. Simply download Bluestacks or Nox emulator onto your computer, install the TweakBox APK file, and enjoy your apps and games on your desktop.

What About Games Emulators?

Technically speaking, game emulators are not supported on iOS devices. However, Cydia changed all that and we could download any that we wanted. Now, with Cydia not really being supported, developers,  like TweakBox, have begun including the emulators in their apps so you can use them without a jailbreak.

Can I Request Apps and Games for the Installer?

Yes, you can. If you can’t find your favorite app or game in TweakBox, simply go to their Twitter page and put your request in there. DO be aware that they get lots of these requests and not all games or apps can be added so don’t be too disappointed if your request isn’t honored.

TweakBox is one of the best ways to get your favorite unofficial content on your iPhone or iPad. It’s all free, you don’t have to jailbreak and, as you can see, there are some cool apps. Download it today and see what you think of the most popular installer in the world.

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