How to unblock a website at school

How to unblock websites at school

School internet filters serve a valid purpose to keep students away from getting distracted. That’s why they allow very limited resources. But, Sometimes, this can be very frustrating.

Is your favorite website blocked at school? want to browse it anyway? In this article, you will find 5 easy tricks that you can employ to access blocked websites at your school for free. These are very helpful especially to access social media and other gaming websites without getting traced.

How to unblock websites at school without a proxy

with the below methods, you don’t need to use any proxy sites to unblock the websites. These are very useful to bypass some basic kind of blocking.

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Cached Method

This method is very simple to use. The cache is nothing but a snapshot of the website saved by Google/Bing. Just click on the result(use cached) and access the website. Since the website is served from the search engine cache, you can easily avoid IP address and URL-based filtering.

Google Translator Method

  • Open Google translator and type in the website such as
  • Then, select Spanish/whatever language in the translation from the drop-down and English in the translate to section.

  • A link will appear at the right side of the translator, just click on it. Your website will be opened in the Google translator.

Proxy sites for school

If the above method doesn’t work, don’t panic. There are several proxy sites are available to access blocked websites. However, finding the proxy sites that are not blocked in your school area is a tough job. Below, I have listed a few proxy sites that are working and not blocked at school.

Just use one of these proxy sites and enter the specific website you want to unblock in the search block. Then these proxy sites will simply serve it for you.

How to unblock websites at school on chrome

If none of the above methods worked for you, then your school might be using some kind of firewall to block the internet traffic. If you still want to browse the website, then you need to use a chrome extension. Below, I have listed some of them. These will simply bypass the firewall using the encrypted proxy network.

  • ZenMate
  • Ultrasurf

Install one of these and turn on the connected switch. From now on the complete traffic from your browser will be routed from the VPN extension. An easy way to hide your IP! is not it?

Run Firefox portable on USB Stick

Let’s say you are not able to install extensions on the web browsers which are provided in your school. In this case, you need to use a portable web browser that runs from a USB stick. First of all, download Firefox portable from here and save it to your USB drive.

To try out this method, you need to have a good proxy server with a decent amount of proxy IP address and ports. Download proxy and ports from here and configure the web browser to route traffic through your proxy.

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These methods will help you to unblock websites that are blocked at school or other IP restricted areas. by the way, which method did you like the most? let me know in the comment section below. if it helped you, please share this with your friends on social media. And don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest updates directly into your inbox.

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  1. these websites really helpful for school. I used to have trouble accessing websites in my school earlier. this list made it very easy to access blocked sites in my school.

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