Could Videos Be The Next Step To SEO Optimisation?

SEO can be a time-consuming process that involves a large amount of trial and error to get right but with the growing popularity of videos, this could be the missing piece you need in your SEO campaign. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not producing content in a video format will benefit you in the long term.

Mobile Optimisation

One of the best ways that videos can help with your SEO optimization is through mobile-friendly optimization. By creating a video that can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices with the relevant backlinks you can begin to direct traffic from your Youtube content to your physical webpage. This is key to helping SEO efforts as it is another channel that can increase the amount of traffic that is being pushed to your site. By optimizing your videos effectively, you can then begin to boost authority and ensure the best possible outcome through the content you are creating.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

Another way that videos can help you to optimize for SEO is through the use of online engagement across a number of social media platforms. Whether you are running the social media and SEO campaigns yourself or you have enlisted the help of digital marketing service, you can begin to generate engagement and shares that will all link back to other pieces of a relevant content on your website.

By generating a piece of content perfectly tailored to a specific target audience, you are then tailoring your marketing efforts and ensuring that your content is fulfilling its purpose making it a crucial part in influencing Google SERP results in your favor.

Optimize With Captions

When you have created a video, it is important to further optimize the content with relevant links in the description. This will help to strengthen the connection between your website and the videos that you are posting. In addition to this, adding captions to your videos can help to further optimize the content for those that are hard of hearing. This will then influence Google to see the content as a high authority and beneficial for a wide range of target audiences and associating this high-quality backlink with your site thus helping to positively influence your E.A.T rating.

Expand Target Audience

With over 30 million people visiting the platform per day, this is a target audience that is yet to be utilized by traditional media. However, with a number of digital marketing agencies beginning to lean on this style of content, many are finding the results they require when looking at results for voice search. Whether this is a snippet of a video played as a featured snippet or a higher ranking on Googles internal video page. This can aid a business in terms of conversions and generating traffic from external sources.

Whether you are optimizing the content on an existing campaign for or you are looking to capitalize on this new style of media. Using videos can help you create content that is added to written content and will help to generate interest in your product or service. Will you be using video content in your next campaign?

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