Vitamin D Hydroxy 25 Test – Purpose, Procedure and Results

The 25- hydroxyvitamin D test is a medical test that is performed with the intention of finding out the levels of vitamin D in an individual. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in our body as it helps us absorb minerals such as calcium. Vitamin D keeps our bones healthy and functioning. As bones are the very support of our entire body it is extremely important for one to do everything to take care of them.  

There are many sources through which our body can get vitamin D, but nothing can compare to the absorption of Vitamin D from the sunlight around us. Our body processes the absorbed vitamin in different organs and then converts it into a chemical which is called 25-hydroxyvitamin D or Calcidiol. The vitamin d hydroxy 25 test is an optimum way to measure the levels of vitamin D in an individual’s body.

Why is the test done?  

What happens during the test?  

When your doctor advises you to go for a vitamin D hydroxy 25 test you would have to go to a diagnostic lab or any other similar medical facility. There a trained medical professional would take blood out of your arm and store it safely; this blood will then be sent to the lab for testing purposes. 

You may feel a little pain when the needle is injected into your arm but other than that there are no further complications in the process. You can expect the area where the blood was taken from to be sore and sensitive for a couple of hours, there are no other added risks attached to the complete process.  

Results of the test:  

The results of a vitamin D hydroxy 25 test are dependent on a variety of factors such as age, sex, and the testing methods which were used by the lab. Moreover, the test results could at times differ slightly from a certain lab to another. The results of the vitamin D test should be discussed with your doctor but the general meaning of the result of the test is as follows:  

Reasons behind low vitamin D levels:  

Vitamin D hydroxy 25 test is a test that you must fast for, so you are free to eat whatever you want to before the test. What’s important to remember is that individuals shouldn’t consume any chemicals or other substances such as drugs that could alter the results of the test. 

It’s recommended for patients to be properly hydrated before they go to the diagnostic center or the medical facility where their blood is supposed to be drawn out. If the patient is dehydrated it becomes very difficult to locate a proper vein and take out blood. 

Vitamin D deficiencies are getting a lot more common these days as people have adopted very modern lifestyles where they don’t spend enough time under the sun and with nature. It’s very common for people to be ignorant about their vitamin D deficiencies but then with time face problems and issues related to bone health. 

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiencies or other problems, be sure to go for a vitamin D hydroxy 25 test as soon as possible. Once you get the results of the test, discuss them with your doctor at length. 

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