Water Leak in your House? Here is What You Should Do Next


Water leakage in the house can be distressing. Whether you live in a rented house or you own the property, the chance that you might have experienced a water leak is relatively high.

Some water leaks, such as a broken pipe from the ceiling, not only floods your entire house, leaving you with the time-consuming task of cleaning up, but it also causes damage to the expensive appliances and valuables at home.

It does not matter if the water leakage is from the kitchen area or the bathroom; no homeowner wants to see a water-covered floor in their house. The damage control from a leakage builds up stress and often impedes us from making the right decision.

Regardless of the source of the water leak, if you have a plan in place about what steps to take if such a situation arises, you will not panic and deal with it sensibly.

So if you suffer a water leak at your home, follow the steps to ensure timely action and avoid damage:

Shut Off Main Water Supply

The first thing you must do in the event of water leakage is to close the main water supply to avoid any further damage to your valuables at home. You may need to look for a water valve in your kitchen or your bathroom that may stop the water supply to your house.

If you can’t find the water main in either of the two places, then you must look for it outside the front door or at the back of the house. Make sure you are not shutting off the water supply to the neighbors, and if it is inevitable, then make sure you inform the neighbors before the water goes missing from their taps.

The main water supply for homes usually is in the kitchen, bathroom, or backyard. But if you live in a high rise building, then you must inform the building owner immediately and ask him to shut off the main supply.

Discover the Source of Leakage

If you don’t have a water leak detector, then finding the source of leaking water can be complicated. However, there are not many places where water can leak from, and if you know those common places, then you can easily identify the source.

Bathroom: The main cause of leak here could be toilets and showerheads. With the number of times they are used, it may not be surprising if they start to wear out and leak. Although this is not problematic, it can get costly if not identified timely. Showerheads may also leak because of the low pressure or clogged pores

Kitchen: There could be significant leaks such as the sink pipe that may cause water to spill in the entire kitchen or a small dishwasher leak. Whatever the source is, you must check all possible places for faulty ceilings and leaky pipes.

Appliances: It is important to check appliances regularly to ensure that the valves are intact. Everyday usage may cause the pipes of the appliance to lose, causing water leakage.

Clean-Up Spill

Cleaning up water spills may be a daunting task, but it can’t be ignored. Stagnant water can cause significant damage if not removed urgently. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner may be used to suck the water dry in case of low-level flooding.

In case of heavy flooding, you might have to hire a large pump to drain the excess water out of your house before it spoils or dampens your floor.

Call Up Repair Services

Once you have identified the source of leakage and cleaned up excess water from the floor, it is now time to call up a reliable repair company. You must pick a company that can come to your help instantly.

If you know a reliable plumbing service, then you can call them immediately. However, if it’s your first time dealing with a plumbing defect, you may not be aware of the quality plumbing services in your area.

In this case, you can take the help of the internet to search for plumbing services in your area. For example, if you live in Orland Park, IL, you can search “Orland Park plumbing services” to get a list of services in your area.

You can choose the best one based on the reviews and customers’ comments. You should find a service that comes with an insurance cover so that you don’t have to bear the financial burden in case anything goes wrong.

Final word

Water leakage in the house can be very stressful, and repairing a significant water leak is an expensive process. Once your home is cleared up of all the water leaks, you need to ensure that it is safe from any future leaks.

To prevent any future leakage, you can make it a routine to check the pipes and the valves over time. You can also install a water security system that will help you identify the source of water leakage.

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