Web Application Testing Tools: Types and Examples

Everyone knows how complicated and intricate the process of web application development is. It takes lots of time and nerves. It’s not enough just to pick up a winning programming language and work with innovative frameworks or tools. One of the most crucial stages of web application testing. Before this or that application goes out into the world, it’s necessary to test it.

The major goals of web application testing include the detection of any bugs or drawbacks in the software. Testing is the most effective way to understand whether an app works in a proper way and is able to satisfy potential users. While testing, it’s possible to reveal serious functional or security issues.

If you think that testing implies that a person uses this or that app in order to detect some problems, you are wrong. Special web application testing tools are used for that purpose. Thus, QAwerk offers a wide range of web testing solutions you can’t but appreciate. With the help of effective tools, it’s possible to check the following aspects:

  •       The functionality of the software.

At this stage, it’s important to check whether all links and forms are correct. Cookies are another essential point for testing. Such tools as Selenium or QTP can be applied. At the same time, it should be highlighted that the greater part of checking is to be made by a manual tester;

  •       Interface usability.

It’s necessary to detect whether it’s easy and convenient to use it or not;

  •       Performance indicators.

The developers get an answer to the question about the speed of the application;

  •       Usability measures.

It’s necessary to pay attention to the navigation and content;

  •       Compatibility of the program.

It’s important to understand on which OS applications can work; 

  •       Security.

Finally, the level of security of the software is to be checked.

In 2020, about 218bn apps were downloaded worldwide. It’s of prime importance to pay attention to app testing to please the demanding audience. The competition is really tough. In order to be sure that the resting results are accurate and correct, it’s necessary to choose the most effective web app testing tools.

Choosing the Best Tools: Helpful Tips

There are two major groups of web testing tools. They are manual and automated ones. The list of the most powerful web testing tools includes the following positions:

  •       Selenium WebDriver.

This tool helps web developers to understand whether the application works as expected. It has copious options and meets the needs of various types of software;

  •       Appium.

It tests native apps, as well as mobile-web or hybrid apps. It’s about automated web testing programs; 

  •       Sauce Labs.

It’s a must if you want to get the maximum from Selenium. It’s a cloud-based testing service;

  •       Tomcat.

When it comes to apps built on Java, this tool is rather helpful;

  •       Watir.

Watir is used for automated web browsers. It allows creating various tests without effort. It’s a must when it comes to comprehensive testing.

It’s clear that it’s quite difficult for inexperienced users to work with any type of web testing software. Sometimes even leading web development firms to prefer to entrust testing stages to the professionals. Thus, Qawerk is an effective platform for those who need to test apps with the help of the most effective and innovative tools. The specialists work with various devices and browsers, so it’s possible to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

So, web application testing is an essential part of any software development. It’s not a good idea to ignore this step if it comes to creating a really useful and effective app. 

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