there are sixteen direct payments with a total value of $1,700 that need to be sent to citizens of USA.

There are still tens of millions of people waiting to get direct payouts...

...from the stimulus package before the end of the year in the United States. 

despite the fact that the federal government has shown reluctance to send yet another relief check.

In 2022, more than a dozen states are contributing cash as state wide relief.

Some states already have legislatures authorized inflationary relief packages.

Some states expanded tax credits in contrast to refunds and stimulus cheques.

In some states, budget surpluses naturally induced tax refunds.

Here's how much and when to anticipate a payment if you reside in one of these areas.

1. Maine – up to $1,700

Maine has sent out payments worth 850 for each individual and $1,700 per family.

This state sent most of the checks in June and July. But, some are still yet to receive.

2. Pennsylvania - $1,658

Direct deposit checks for Pennsylvania's property tax refund scheme commenced July 1.

likewise, as many as 14 other states are sending the direct benefits.

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