Social Security beneficiaries shouldn't anticipate a fourth stimulus check.

Seniors and those with a fixed income have been hurt hard by rising food, utility, and fuel prices.

In these difficult economic times, some are hoping for a recent proposal to Congress for $1,400 stimulus checks...

...for Social Security claimants will reach the President's desk.

But, as it seems Congress hasn't introduced any legislation yet.

Richard Delaney, president of The Senior Citizens Association, proposed the notion to Congress in October 2021.

Delaney said, "We believe a special stimulus for Social Security beneficiaries might help alleviate the additional costs

some would face if the upcoming year's COLA pushed them into a higher tax band

...prompting higher income tax rates and Medicare Part B premium surcharges."  

Website VERIFY contacted the IRS, regarding the 4th round of Economic Effect Reports.

A spokeswoman said, "There are no more authorized stimulus payments."

Given that the last stimulus payment was sent over a year ago in March 2021, with funds likely gone for many.

the newest update isn't exactly great news, even though Social Security benefits were hiked by 5.9%.

... in January to reflect for a higher cost of living standards.

This rise affects 70 million older and handicapped Americans who rely on these payments.

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