Find out exactly when your $1,000 summer direct payment will be released this week.

In order to combat the incredibly high levels of inflation, STATES have acted by sending relief checks.

The state of New Mexico has initiated a campaign to offer households who failed to file tax returns direct rewards of up to $1,000.

According to the New Mexico Tax and Revenue department, single households will receive $500.

Where as the couple will get $1000 as direct benefit.

As of now, around $20 million dollars were already sent to these residents.

The program will continue to work until July 31. Residents will receive the checks either through direct deposit or checks.

As far as the taxpayers, they will receive the tax rebate instead of the relief checks.

For tax payers whose income is less than $150,000 will receive $500 as tax rebate.

Whereas people with below $75000 income levels will receive $250 as the rebate.

New research in support of UBI

The distribution of stimulus packages paved the way for discussion of universal basic income.

The UBI will gather these contributions and transform them into regular payouts for U.S. residents.

According to a CNBC study, about 19% of people think that the UBI concept will alleviate work pressure.

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