5 charming actions shown by cats

By Tirupati Gumpula

August 08, 2022

Meow! Today is World Cat Day and we can't get enough of these adorable pets.

International Cat Day is commemorated on August 8 throughout the world to increase cat awareness.

On this amazing day all cat parents, here are five cat habits to watch out for.

If your cat shows off its fluffy tummy, it doesn't mean it's asking for a rub.

1. When the Cat shows its belly

Cats' exposed bellies indicate trust. It's just a way of communication.

If you Rub their bellies or pet them during this time, they may scratch or bite you.

Cats do wave their tails but less cheerfully than dogs.

2. When a Cat Swings its tail

Cat wagging tail might imply caution, dissatisfaction, or irritation. So, stop what you're doing.

if you still do, they may bite you. Cats rarely wag their tails when excited.

If you regularly see your cat squints at you, it means they want affection and care.

3. If the cat glares at you

Cats commonly carry items in their mouths. Sometimes they grab a toy. Your cat may bring you dead rats, bugs, or birds.

This is how they make sure you're fed well as part of their family.

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