Here' what you need to look for in a coin that can make you thousands.

The unique coin is from 1919 and was recently valued at a whopping $2,255 on the internet.

Adolph Alexander Weinman crafted the 1919 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar in 1916, and it has been in the production until 1947.

There are only 1,552,000 of these rare coins which were produced in San Francisco.

These ½ dollars are very often in all circulated levels and are the fifth rarest coin in this series.

Their high value is due to their size, silver content, denomination, and absence of production.

Since half dollars were not produced anymore, it may be challenging to find them that often.

the bidding for this rare coin started at only 99 cents, but it quickly soared to $23.

And the price kept on increasing until it reaches the selling price of $2,235 after 36 bids.

How to Spot these RARE COINs

People typically keep coin in their wallets, on top of wardrobes, or in their vehicles.

From next time onwards, carefully examine your pennies, nickels, dimes, and other coins as many of these coins could be worth thousands.

Coins with a low print run or a mistake are usually the most valuable because these are rarely avaialble.

If you think you hold rare coins, you can sell them on eBay or through a specialized website like or USA Coin Book.

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