A Lotto winner hits 2 jackpots in 4 months but he is stunned to see his numbers.

The 67-year-old Maryland man has won $50k jackpot with a quick pick line of numbers.

An unknown gambler has bought the winning Extra Match 5 ticket in Ocean City.

The ticket had two lines including his go-to combo and a quick pick.

The winner told Maryland Lottery officials that "He's been playing with similar numbers for years."

He was surprised to see the random pick number win him extra $50,000 in addition to his previous jackpot.

He was very confident about today's lotto jackpot and he felt he could hit this time.

It was just a couple of months that he won his first prize back in march.

He shared with officials that the first fund he used was for his retirement fund and for the education of his adult kids.

He plans to use this amount for his utility bills etc.

This whole story occurred after another player's last-second hunch paid off handsomely.

In this case, Barry Bruce the man who was hesitant until the last minute to buy the lottery ticket worth $25.

But he could not think of getting a $100000 jackpot. First, he thought he won just $100. But, wow!

He went to the North Carolina lottery headquarters on Monday to collect his prize money.

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