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Though there are no more stimulus checks at the federal level, a few states still give their residents stimulus checks.

Next, we'll talk about tax stimulus rebates and food assistance.

We'll begin by looking at the most recent updates, keeping in mind that the most recent ones appear at the top.

The latest money-saving tips and benefits news from American Finances Updates, Thursday,  July 7

A recession is causing 74% of consumers to worry: 5 steps you can take now to prepare

1.make sure your resume is up-to-date 2. Spending should be reduced 3. Increase the size of your emergency fund 4. pay off your debt 5. Make sure you stay invested

The rising cost of mortgages is putting a strain on Americans' wallets. You can adjust your housing budget by following these step

Economic data released Thursday showed jobless claims increased slightly in May, while the U.S. trade deficit decreased due to Covid-related shutdowns in China. 

As a result of the pandemic, SNAP started sending out extra financial assistance across the country.

American citizens benefit from the Child Tax Credit payments provided by the United States government. These payments of up to $1,000 will be made to low-income families in 12 more states. 

There were 645,000 people who did not get these checks, which can reach up to $1,400 depending on your eligibility. 

See if you qualify for this payment right here! Did you receive letter 6475 with all the answers? 

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