Hundreds of thousands of Americans are eligible for $150 in travel and gas incentives. You need to grab it quickly.

You need to be quick to apply for these payments as the deadline is approaching fast.

Qualified Chicago residents will receive direct transit and gas cards.

To apply, you have to be a Chicago citizen, 18 or older and have a valid city plate and proper mailing address.

Your income must be at or less than 100% of Chicago's average, or $93,200 for a four-person family.

Starting September, a monthly drawing will issue the cards.

Monday, August 1st is the last day to submit an application for the upcoming draw.

Selected winners will be notified via mail.

In total, Chicago will distribute 50,000 $150 worth of gas cards and 100,000 $50 transit cards.

You can apply online at any Chicago public library, in-person, or by mail.

Meanwhile, Mount Vernon, New York, will distribute $500 monthly bills to 200 people via Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

Online submissions of the application can be made up until the 5th of August.

After the period ends, 200 eligible applications will be randomly chosen for the trial.

Mount Vernon's mayor remarked, "We're dedicated to establishing a dignity economy."

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