Check your eligibility to receive $6,500 in one-time benefits from a $9 million fund.

This year, a CASH package that will have a positive impact on numerous sections of Americans will go into action.

Denver, Colorado will extend its universal basic income (UBI) scheme.

The Denver Basic Income Project gave 11 people money initially last July and 28 this July.

The service is now being offered to an additional three different groups of people.

The city would offer 260 people $6,500 one time and $500 monthly for up to 11 installments.

The next group of 260 persons will earn $1,000 every month for a year.

The last group of 300 will each get $50 each month for a period of one year.

The initiative has raised $7million so far for the purpose.

However, the first round of applicants needs an additional $2 million, writes Westword.

Are you eligible for this benefit?

As per the plan, the software randomly selects participants.

People who are at least 18-year-olds and some what homeless are eligible.

Without "fixed, regular, and appropriate nightly habitation," says the city.

As per Westword, the program won't begin until later this year.

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