Are you impacted by millions of Americans receiving incorrect credit ratings while asking for borrowings?

If you got a notification regarding your credit rating from the largest credit agency Equifax, it is possible that... was incorrect.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this impacted lot of Americans ...

...applying for loans, credit cards, and car loans. 

Equifax's March 17-April 6 credit ratings for these categories were incorrect by 20 points or more.

The credit bureau called the situation a "coding glitch".

After an examination, it said "most scores didn't change" during the outage.

"Only a tiny proportion of individuals who experienced a score movement ...

...received a higher credit decision," Equifax said. 

The credit score miscalculation reportedly affected interest rates by a huge margin.

If your credit rating was reduced, you may have been served a higher rate of interest.

With the Fed rising rates numerous times in recent months, it may be a double blow.

If you applied for a loan with these companies, you may have been impacted.

Wells Fargo & Co. JPMorgan Chase & Co  Ally Financial

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